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Looking to buy a used Jaguar XK car ? Well, look no more…

From design to the powerful presence on road, Jaguar cars are ‘born to perform’

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar XK car

Ken Macleod once said, “The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.” Consistency is something that should appear not only in the final products but also in the process. The most consistent brand in that sense has been Jaguar. Remember the movie Ruby Sparks? The author’s imagination made his protagonist come to life. Shifting business and then succeeding is not easy but Jaguar has been successful. From the time after the World War II when the brand shifted to producing passenger cars, it has been producing some of the best luxury cars in the world.

Founded by William Lyons and William Walmsley, the brand has given car enthusiasts some marvels to admire. Mark 2 has been the most recognizable car from the brand and amongst many accolades like being a popular choice in the car market of India and abroad, the brand is known to have produced the fastest production car in the form of XJ220.

Dreamland of Pre-Owned Jaguar XK

“The Leaper” has been the most famous and admired emblem of all time. The logo reflects the character of a company and a leaping Jaguar aptly conveys the brand’s message; devour your enemies through your performance. Each and every model by the brand is an exemplum of excellence. One such model is Jaguar XK.

A Grand Tourer in nature, the car is available as 2-door coupe’ and 2-door convertible. Its tough presence on road draws many envious eyes waiting for their chance to own one. As they say, ‘Fantasy mirrors desire’, it’s every car enthusiast’s fantasy to own a new Jaguar XK but like desires, this wish remains insatiable for many. You can exclude yourself from this group by making a smart choice. Instead of shelling out a large sum of money on a new car, you can always opt for a used Jaguar XK. There are many places where you can get one but not all of them are reliable. The perfect place for you would be Big Boy Toyz. A leading name in the market of pre-owned luxury cars, its biggest showroom at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway is in the good books of many celebrities from the Industry. But before you make up your mind on purchasing a pre-owned Jaguar XK that is up for sale, we would like to list some reasons as to why should you invest in this car:

Body - XK’s aluminum body makes it lightweight and provides the driver with agile handling of the vehicle. The body stiff design also allows the driver to turn easily at the corners. What’s more, 50 percent of XK’s body structure is made from recycled aluminum due to brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Fuel Efficient - Who would have known that one element can contribute so much to a vehicle. The aluminum body of XK offers shorter braking distances and improved fuel economy.

Modern and aesthetic - Combining modern design with age-old aesthetic principles of craftsmanship, the brand has given you a holistic balance of old and new. With twin-needle stitching, Leather seats look so beautiful and in addition, the interiors are made of hand-crafted veneer. What more can one ask for?

Driving Dynamics - Though the car is in the fourth generation, a standard XK offers a top speed of 158mph with ZF 6-speed automatic transmission that varies according to the models.

Second Hand Jaguar XK for sale! Right here at Big Boy Toyz!

People love to flaunt off their wealthy status. One way they adopt is to show off their expensive cars. Luxury cars for a long time have symbolized well-off status. And being their fans and followers, people feel that it’s their right to know what their favorite celebrities possess. For instance, Jay Leno, a well-known host of “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” owns a Jaguar XK. A lot of success of a brand also depends on the famous people who love to become the part of their buyer’s list.

We’re actually not surprised at the fact that Leno owns an XK. Reliable and stylish, the car has been proving its worth since its first generation. Well, it might make you want one but unfortunately, if you’re not filthy rich like Leno, you won’t be able to own a new XK. A new car might not be on your cards but a second hand Jaguar can be. At Big Boy Toyz, the cars before being put on sale undergo a strict process of checking. If the term ‘second-hand’ worries you, rest assured because the cars at the showroom are both well certified and verified. It would be an icing on the cake if you get to know that they are available at best prices only.

So, visit the showroom or the Delhi-based boutique now before it’s too late! Happy Shopping!

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