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Made for this restless generation, Audi Q5 offers excellence with speed

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  • 2013 Used Audi Q5
    Audi Q5
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 22000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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Albert Einstein is the most famous scientist in the world and the fact that made him so popular amongst others was his imaginative approach to both life and science. According to him, imagination encircles the world and it can take the person anywhere. What makes brands like Audi, BMW and Ferrari is their zeal to offer something extraordinary to their customers. Audi believes in authenticity and has been following its motto “Never Follow” since its commencement. Combining luxury and practicality, the brand has become the topmost choice in both the International market and car market in India.

Best place for Pre-Owned Audi Q5 car-Big Boy Toyz

A compact luxury vehicle, Audi Q5 is a crossover luxury that was first unveiled at 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show. Over the years, several variants of the car have been designed and introduced, each being better than its successor. The car was built using Audi MLP platform, which made its debut on the 2007 Audi A5.

This 'sporty' car is well adapted for all kind of weather conditions.

The concept model was a 2-door convertible but when it was brought to life in 2008, the car was developed as a 5-door convertible. With enough space to accommodate 5 people, the Q5 is a perfect choice for Indian families. But with the number of features it provides, buying this luxury beast would not be a piece of cake. A new Audi Q5 would cost a lot, enough to burn your pocket into shreds. A new car might not seem to be a viable option but one can always seek an option of buying a used Audi Q5 car and the best place for this is Big Boy Toyz showroom based in Delhi NCR region.

But before you go on to buy the pre-owned Audi Q5 car, we would like to give you some reason as to why you should invest in this sporting beauty:

Spacious - Plenty of room inside, the car offers 540-litre boot space with the seats up, 1560-litres with them folded. Though the car does not look bulky like an SUV, it still is spacious. The best part is that it serves the dual purpose of serving both as an office vehicle as well as a perfect vehicle for outings.

Driving Dynamics - Audi Q5 is an all-drive vehicle. It has a V6 engine mated to four cylinders. A fuel efficient model, the car can reach 60mph in 5.8 seconds. 8-speed automatic transmission is standard but engine models vary depending upon the car from this series.

Beautiful Interiors - Making you feel like a celebrity, the interior of this car delivers the luxury the brand boasts of. With leather seating surfaces, the car comes with panoramic sunroof and Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights. You don’t need to book any expensive place for your date, you can spend the night with your loved ones in this beauty. What more can one ask?

Some Extras - Latest models of the car offers a music interface with iPod integration. Audi Q5 makes the driving experience easier through features like advanced key allowing a keyless start, stop and entry. It’s clear that customer’s comfort is kept at the top.

Stock of Second Hand Audi Q5 car

Present generation wants everything at their doorstep. This smartphone-driven era no longer waits for that time when they would be able to save enough money to get what they want. People today, are smart and believes in smart investment. This includes exotic car shopping too.

Not everyone can buy a new luxury car but one can always look out for the option of second-hand cars. As mentioned earlier, Audi Q5 is very expensive and the best option is to go for a second hand Audi Q5. If you are doubtful about the quality and price, we have a good news for you. At Big Boy Toyz, cars before being put on sale are well certified and verified. Also, considering the customer’s budget, the cars are only offered at best prices based on the kilometers driven and year of production.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store in Delhi today and buy a pre-owned Audi Q5 before it’s too late.