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  • 2013 Used Audi Q5
    Audi Q5
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 22000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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Audi Q5 on the way for sale in Mumbai!

Mumbai is always known for its luxurious life. The luxury life includes luxury cars in the bucket list. But, buying a luxury car is difficult but possible to buy in this inflation. You are at a one-stop destination, and we have brought you the pre-owned Audi Q5 at your place, Mumbai. It is available at your affordable price range. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity that might offer you again!

About the Pre-owned and Verified Luxury Car Audi Q5

The motto 'Never Follow' makes Audi a brand. It keeps Audi different from other brands such as Ferrari, BMW. Audi follows the motto in their models too. Audi models are different from one another. It may be the features, outlook, and many more. It is how Audi Q5 is unique from other models of the Q series. Audi Q5 is a combination of both luxury and family cars. We hope that it will suit your wants too.

An Ultimate Place for Used and Verified Audi Q5: Big Boy Toyz

You might look for a luxury car, but it will burn your pocket to afford an Audi Q5. So, no worries when you are at Big Boy Toyz. You can buy the used and verified Audi Q5 that fits the budget price range. It is a sporty car and at the same time suitable as a family car. This pre-owned Audi Q5 is now in Mumbai to uplift your living standards. Excite to buy this used and verified Audi Q5? Then you must know some of its attributes of this luxurious car. Here are some of the features or reasons that will make your decision more firm.

Convertible Doors: Earlier before the launch of this model. It was conceptualized as two convertible doors when the execution started, Audi Q5 turned into five convertible doors. It made this luxury car the family car.

Features: The SUV Audi Q5 is a diesel-type vehicle. It has the 2.0L, Inline 4, Longitudinal engine, and the 7 speed S Tronic automatic transmission. It will give rage speed to the Audi Q5. It is a Quattro, all-wheel-drive which gives power to all four wheels full time or on-demand. All-wheel drive makes Audi Q5 a powerful car and a suitable sporty car. The peak torque and peak power are 380 Nm at 1750 rpm and 177 PS at 4200 rpm respectively. These were the few basic features of this luxury car Audi Q5.

Design: Audi Q5 looks royal and available in different attractive colors. Also, the squeezed rectangle headlight adds royalty to the car. These headlights are xenon plus and LED running headlights during daytime. The design includes five convertible doors that will make it a complete family car. Overall, the design makes it a perfect luxury car.

Interior: When you step in the Audi Q5. You will experience spaciousness that you won't see in many luxury cars. This five-seater Audi Q5 makes it a perfect family-driven luxury car. The five seats are manufactured with a leather surface that makes you sit comfortably for long hours. You can also plan the long rides since you can store the stuff in the back of the car. Along with that, the beautiful Audi Q5 gives you a celebrity feel when you drive the car.

Dynamic Drivings: Audi Q5 is equipped with a V6 engine mated to four cylinders. The pickup of the car will blow your mind, you can drive at 60kmph within 5.8 seconds. Hence, the model is an all-wheel-drive car. All these make it a sporty car.

Safety: Customer safety is the priority of Audi and Audi Q5 has the best safety features. Which will protect you from any dangerous accident and reduce the risk. The driver and passenger seat airbags pop-ups whenever you are in danger. Along with it, Audi Q5 has Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Tire pressure monitoring system.

Premium Features: Luxury cars need to have premium features that will make you feel luxurious. It has premium things such as a panoramic glass sunroof, rearview camera and Audi parking aid, a music interface with iPod integration. The keyless start takes up the customer's comfort. These were the few things about Audi Q5 that make it a complete family and luxury 'sporty' car.

Why Used Audi Q5?

As Mumbai has a high standard of living. One has a luxury car on their wishlist, and Audi Q5 brings in that luxury in your life. But, when you go to buy the Audi Q5 at first-hand use. It will exceed your budget, and this will disturb your budget plan. The pre-owned Audi Q5 will fit your budget and will give the same luxurious experience at a low price. So, this will be a great opportunity to complete the wishlist.

Big Boy Toyz will make you reach the Destination: Audi Q5.

Why choose Big Boy Toyz? We are the stop where you get everything you want. The cars here on BBT are pre-owned and verified ones. This will help you to buy the cars without any worries and buy at comparatively low rates. Also, the used Audi Q5 car is fixed and presented to the customers that never feel like a second car. Also, the dealers of BBT are certified dealers. One of the major advantages of us, BBT, is you can buy a car in your region. Since, nowadays, customers look for doorstep delivery, and BBT comes near you. Also, BBT brings the luxury car at your price range, and the buying procedure of a pre-owned and verified car is easy with just a few clicks, and the car is in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? We are the perfect stop for used and verified Audi Q5. Grab this opportunity before it passes you.