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Audi A3 is the beginning of the Audi legacy. Now the used Audi A3 is in Mumbai. Make it yours before it surpasses you.

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  • A3 Cabriolet


    A3 Cabriolet
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 4900
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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The first model is still the desire for many. Then it is the brand that made it possible. Also, the model created such an impact among the customers. The car which created such an impact is Audi A3. The model, which is still a desire for many in Mumbai and Big Boy Toyz, is here to fulfill the desire to make this Audi A3 yours.

The Collection of Expert-Verified, Pre-owned Audi A3 car in Mumbai

The four rings symbolize Audi AG, the four rings denote per ring has an independent automobile. Four independent automobile companies came together to form Audi AG, which you use today. Audi A series changed how Audi used to be. Audi A3 had a huge impact at that time and continuing the same impact by the launch of different generations. By buying this Audi A3, you can be part of an innovative, revolutionary German tale. You can buy a used Audi A3 from us, Big Boy Toyz. We have a collection of all cars, including luxury cars at affordable prices. We will be the bridge between you and your dream car.

The Style of Pre-owned Audi A3 Series

Are you car passionate? Looking for a luxury car? Want to experience the drive of big brands? Then the Audi A3 series is for you. Audi A3 series has different generations, and the desire of this is still among the people. It is made for one who wants to experience the luxury of Audi but can't afford the higher version of Audi. The most recent model of the Audi A3 launched in India, 2021. The Audi A3 Sedan will give you a similar luxury and comfort drive. Interested? Wanting to make it yours? But can't afford the Audi A3? Don't worry, even many can't afford it due to its high price range. You have the option, and we have a solution, going for a pre-owned Audi A3.

Buy the Pre-owned Audi A3 in Mumbai

When you search out for Audi A3, it would be a smart mind to invest in a second-hand Audi A3. Many in India, especially metropolitan cities, started investing in second-hand cars irrespective of model and brand. Which fit in the budget or less than the estimated budget. It will deliver the same feel drive as a new Audi A3. So, this will be a smart move to invest in second-hand Audi A3. You might search out for the best platform for pre-owned cars. You are in the perfect place! Yes, Big Boy Toyz is the leading player when it comes to pre-owned cars. We have our showroom where you can purchase the used cars and feel the luxury.

Before buying this used Audi A3 car. You need to know more about Audi A3.

Technical Part: The Audi A3 has the option of diesel type vehicle and gasoline engine which is equipped with 1968cc for diesel motor and 1395cc for gas fuel vehicle. It is equipped with Automatic Transmission. The mileage gives of 17.84 to 18.25 km, depending on the fuel type and variant.

Design: The Audi A3 is available in different colors, which will look glossy. Also, the design looks lavish, and Audi Rings are the cherry on the cake. Overall the design looks luxurious.

Interior: The leather finished four seats and space between the front and rear seats are quite good and feel comfortable. To store the stuff it has space in the back. This all makes it a family car and beast-like speed.

Dynamic Driving: Audi A3 has generations that give you the option of All-Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive. It eventually makes a comfortable, preferred, and luxurious drive.

Dynamic Driving: Audi A3 has generations that give you the option of All-Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive. It eventually makes a comfortable, preferred, and luxurious drive.

These were the few things about the Audi A3 series.

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Do you know the fact about BBT? The pre-owned cars at Big Boy Toyz are sold in quick times. This shows our market and trust of customers in us. We sell expert-verified and certified pre-owned cars. Also, before kept for sale we test twice so that it should not affect our customers. The cars are certified by the experts of Big Boy Toyz, who test and verify the cars. Our website will help you get to know more about us. We are set in 40 cities of India, including Mumbai. We request you to visit our showroom so that you can get your dream car by your choice, in person.

Why Buy Audi A3 series from Big Boy Toyz?

We have the list of Audi A3 series in Mumbai. You can visit the showroom and choose the best for you. The Audi A3 series in Mumbai are expert-verified and pre-owned. Which looks like a brand new Audi A3. The cars here are tested before you make it yours. The price of a used Audi A3 will be the best fit budget for you. The buying process at us is simple and stress-free. Many of our customers trusted us then what are you waiting for? The second-hand Audi A3 series is now in Mumbai. Grab your favorite before it's sold out!