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The four rings everyone would want to possess

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  • 2015 Used Audi TT 45 TFSI
    Audi TT 45 TFSI
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 7000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Audi TT 45 TFSI MY2016
    Audi TT 45 TFSI MY2016
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 25000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Audi TT TFSI
    Audi TT TFSI
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 35000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2015 Used Audi TT Coupe
    Audi TT Coupe
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 12000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2016 Used Audi TT 45 TFSI
    Audi TT 45 TFSI
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 2100
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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A centennial brand, Audi at present, is enjoying a period of profitability and stability. For decades, the company has been delivering the best cars to its customers. As Michael Jordan says, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”, Audi is leading the market by bringing out models that would make even its competitors acknowledge its excellence. It has been literally “Advancing through…technology”. With models like RS7, R8, and TT, Audi has established itself as the popular choice in the car market of India and abroad.

Display of Pre-Owned Audi TT car

Audi TT was first shown as a concept car at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. A sports car, it is available both as 2-door coupe’ and roadster. An all-wheel drive, the car can reach 60mph in 4.2 seconds which makes it faster than both BMW i8 and BMW M4. While the features might woo any car enthusiasts, it would still be difficult for anyone to buy a new Audi TT. Over the years, this has been a major problem for car lovers.

Every problem has infinite solutions and for this problem, we have a solution. While buying a new Audi TT might not be possible but you can always experience the same luxury in a used Audi TT car. Used does not mean junk. In today’s world, it means smart investment and people living in metro cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore et al, are preferring to invest in pre-owned luxury cars rather than buying a new one. If you’re thinking as to where should you visit to buy a pre-owned Audi TT, Big Boy Toyz is the place for you. But before you shell out your hard earned money on this sports car, we would like to give you some reasons as to why you should buy it:

Smooth Drive - The car performs well at tight corners with firm efficiency. The steering is great and engaging. The latest model of TT sends more power to the rear wheels when the car is set to dynamic mode. Depending on traction need, it can also send the whole power to the rear wheels. This technology helps the car in performing better on road.

Interiors - TT has an award winning interior. Literally! The credit for the design goes to J Mays and Freeman Thomas with Hartmut Warkuss, Peter Schreyer, Martin Smith and Romulus Rost.

Safety - There is a famous saying, “When you stop growing, you stop leading”. Though Audi has been conducting the crash test for last 75 years, it has only made itself better by introducing latest technology to make the vehicle safe. All the latest models have features like stability control, anti-brake lock system, and airbags.

Easy to Park - The latest model comes with Parking System Plus that helps driver park the car effortlessly. With sensors in the front and the rear area, through sound, the car recognizes at which corner you are. There is also a rear view camera to assist when you're backing up.

Dream made reality with a Second Hand Audi TT

Audi believes in originality and "Never Follow". People love rings. A woman would want a diamond or solitaire ring whereas a boy would want four rings. Getting the reference? Such is the brand’s reach among people. Authenticity brings both followers and tough competitors. The reason why Audi has always been a tough competition for Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

A new Audi TT can do a hole in your pocket. You should try to consider an idea of purchasing a second hand Audi TT. A reliable place as mentioned earlier would be Big Boy Toyz, a notable showroom situated on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway. The showroom will make sure that before you get your second hand Audi TT, it is well certified and verified. All the cars before they are put on sale are well approved by the experts.

So, visit our place and get your own pre-owned exotic Audi TT before it’s too late.