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  • 2011 Used Aston Martin Virage
    Aston Martin Virage
    • Model 2011
    • KMS 5300
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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Aston Martin Virage can be best described as Engaging and Enjoyable. These two ‘Es’ have been Aston Martin’s USP making its every car unique and desirable. Available in two styles –Coupe and Convertible (also known as Volante) – the car comes with a pair of standard "plus-2" seats. However, the coupe gives you the freedom to replace them with a parcel shelf.

The sonorous V12 engine, neutral 50/50 weight balance, and commendable road-gripping qualities give a thrilling driving experience and officially make this car a mean machine for big boys. Unlike other sports cars, this exotic piece of machine is all game for the cross-country comfort and road-trip adventure. If you love to hit the road often, then with the traditional 6-speed automatic transmission, controlled with paddle shifters, Virage could truly be your ultimate companion in all your adventurous mayhems.

Exotic Arena of Pre-owned Aston Martin Virage

Cruising the road in Aston Martin Virage is like carrying a royal convoy amidst the crowd of commons but not all are lucky to be a part of the imperial bandwagon. But it simply doesn’t mean that you can never be a proud owner of this stately vehicle. It is true that shelling out a huge amount of money to buy a new Aston Martin Virage is not everybody’s cup of tea, but this is also right that the world of pre-owned cars market has a lot to offer to the car aficionados. Many people, including the riches, are opting for used cars so that they can change their luxury symbol in every two years or so.

Again for a well certified and verified pre-owned Aston Martin Virage up for sale, you need a trusted dealer who is offering after sales services too. Big Boy Toyz, a trusted and well-renowned name in the cars' market in India, is a leading player in providing access to the amusing world of second-hand exotic cars and that too at the best prices and is based in Delhi NCR. Right from the putting a pre-owned Virage on sale to the after sale services, the experts here are always ready to help out its customers and solve their queries.

Aston Martin Virage saw the light of the day first at the Birmingham Motorshow in 1988 and since then it is dominating the luxury car market in India as well in other car markets of the world with its unique design and charismatic looks. It was indeed the first ever Aston Martin that was true to its spirits. With the changing time, Aston Martin Virage too adopts the changes and become more powerful with modified brakes, suspension and wheels to take care of the extra performance. The company also provided Virage with the more aggressive styling choices, which include deeper air dam, flared wing panels, and side skirts. Some of the distinct features of Aston Martin Virage are as follows:

Advanced technology - From its 6.0-liter V12 engine to a cutting-edge adjustable suspension that automatically deals all the bumpy roads, make this car technologically advanced.

Driving comfort - Comfortable driver seat with generous leg and headroom and spacious trunk for larger items, Virage provides you a joyous drive.

Performance - Impressive series of upgrades like superior brakes, precise steering, and powerful suspension are made to handle that extra ruggedness and extra performance.

Look - Its massive look is enhanced with the noticeable rocker panels and a striking diffuser below the rear bumper. Driving Virage surely screams out your ownership on the road.

Second Hand Virage for sale – The Royal Castle Up for Public

The used car market is flourishing at a good pace, especially in the developing countries like India. Earlier owning an exotic luxury car, such as Aston Martin Virage or Rapide, was a tedious task involving a lot of research and analysis but now the things have come down in a very simple way. The market of luxury cars in India is flourishing, especially in major cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, etc., hence Big Boy Toyz is a one stop solution for all those car lovers who have a keen interest in selling and purchasing exotic cars, be it Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin or Ferrari.

Believe us, having an Aston Martin Virage standing in your courtyard is enough to bring an envious feeling in the eyes of your neighbors. At Big Boy Toyz, a second-hand Virage up for sale is like giving you an opportunity to grab the car of your dream at a reasonable price without worrying about the finance. We also help out our customers in getting finance for their luxury car that they have been dreaming for long.