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As they say “Dress how you want to be addressed”, one look at Aston Martin DBS would tell anyone that it is made only for classy folks. The successor to DB6, it was first unveiled at Blenheim Palace on September 25, 1967. Though the car was already famous amongst car enthusiasts, it garnered mass attention when it made appearances in movies and TV shows. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, a James Bond movie, marked the importance of an Aston Martin DBS in the market. It was also seen in 007 and a TV show called “The Persuaders!” Both beautiful and powerful, the car has been a popular choice both in the international and market of cars in India.

A Grand Tourer available as 2-door coupe’, the first model of DBS was a six-cylinder model. Although it was a limited edition, the earlier DBS was available as both standard and Vantage. Keeping up with the times, the car has been modified and changes have been introduced in the successive editions. For instance, the revised DBS came with two headlamps instead of four and to increase the interior space, the car was modified to full four-seater.

Series of Pre-Owned Aston Martin DBS car

Owing a DBS is like having a badge of honor which on flaunting draws envious eyes from people who themselves want to buy one. With a front-engine and a rear-wheel drive, the car performs best among its segment. The seating arrangement of the car is 2+2. It is the sportiest car by the brand. Not only the car has the robust presence on the road, it also is lightweight, almost 65kgs lighter than DB9. It seems to be the perfect car for the Indian roads.

DBS is fast and fun to drive. It can reach 60mph in 7 seconds. A car that is not just noticed but remembered, buying DBS would be any car lover’s dream. Unfortunately, its price keeps it more as a fantasy than an actuality for them.

While one might not be able to buy a new car but one can always check out a used Aston Martin DBS car. In this materialistic age, where owning things are more important than whether they are new or old, purchasing a pre-owned Aston Martin DBS car would be a smart investment. But before you invest your money in buying a second hand Aston Martin DBS car, we’d like to give you some reasons to back your smart decision:

Stylish - As Audrey Hepburn said, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, DBS is made for the classic men. It will make you feel like Daniel Craig, well suited wheezing off this car past its competitors. This car is a prototype as to what should a car really look like.

Driving Dynamics - Offering a top speed of 140mph, the car has DOHC Straight six-engine with the ZF Five-speed manual gearbox or Borg-Warner automatic transmission. DBS V8 offers has a V8 engine with Chrysler 3-speed automatic transmission.

Design - DBS was meant to differ not only from its competitors but also from the company’s previous models. To make it look different, fastback style rear-end and squared-off front grille were introduced in the design. As a result, we have a nonconforming Aston Martin.

Extras - DBS comes with features like Emotion Control Unit to make the experience within the interiors pleasurable. Also, the car offers an option of saving 20kgs of car weight if the buyer chooses to replace the standard seats with some carbon-backed chairs.

Selection of Second Hand Aston Martin DBS cars

Aesthetically, a used exotic car brings with it a history of the adventures the driver undertook and an opportunity to write your own travelogue with the car being the protagonist. Well for this, you should be able to buy a car that has been maintained well and gives a good performance. It seems like god has answered your prayer. The perfect place for you would be Big Boy Toyz located on the highway of Delhi and Gurgaon.

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