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An Ultimate Aston Martin, DB9 is a miracle that happens once in a lifetime

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Timeless! This is how we would like to start for Aston Martin. This British carmaker is known for its class-apart, ultra-luxurious and chic ‘supercars’ cherry-picked for the men who love to drive in style. Whether it’s DB9 or Vanquish, Aston Martin is a ‘celebrity car’ that flaunts loyal customers like Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant. DB series has a very reputed past. Since the 1950s, this model has been considered as the best performance-oriented sports car on the road. DB9 has taken the legacy very seriously and responsibly taken forward with élan. The reason why it is a popular choice in the market of cars in India.

Available in two choices – coupe and Volante convertible, DB9 makes it real difficult for the customers to choose from. Nevertheless, choose any DB9 and it will remain as your finest possession for many years to come.

Get your Pre-Owned Aston Martin DB9 car at Big Boy Toyz

A priceless property at your garage, DB9 is worth owning. Aston Martin is best known for combining style and practicality to give a perfect package to its customers. A Grand Tourer, DB9 was first showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show. This ‘ultimate Aston Martin’ has been a dream car for the car enthusiasts around the world.

Ever evolving designs of the interiors, the brand leaves no stone unturned to give its consumers the most updated models. Be it the new AM11 V12 engine that boasts of making DB9 the most powerful car or the VH state-of-the-art architecture that makes this car 15Kgs lighter when compared with the previous models, the car has a lot to offer. Unlike dreams where you can even have a castle for yourself, the reality is not so sweet. The car is very expensive and a consideration to buy a new one would require a lot of money.

In today’s world, we need to work smart to get what we want. Same is the case with exotic cars. While buying a new DB9 seems impossible, one can always consider buying a used Aston Martin DB9. And which is a better place to buy a pre-owned DB9 that Big Boy Toyz, based out of Delhi NCR? But before you think of purchasing a pre-owned Aston Martin DB9, we would like to give you a list of reason as to why you should spend your money on this beauty:

Performance - DB9’s power and USP is ‘a feisty punch under its hood’. The advanced and more powerful engine results into 62mph in 4.6 seconds and a top speed is listed at 183mph.

Look and feel - Have you ever questioned why James Bond has killer looks? Still, for your curious minds, there’s an addition of new-age trunk lid spoiler claimed to improve aerodynamic performance and also add million dollars to its looks.

Interior - We certainly endorse DB9’s delicious and sizzling interior. User-friendly infotainment system, leather headliner, five wheel designs and faux suede on the steering – ready to drool.

Driving experience - Suave, flamboyant and a driver’s car, DB9 is a perfect partner for your both romantic and adventurous drives.

Possess your own Second Hand Aston Martin DB9 car

The curvy and glamorous DB9 has everything that can get any driver’s pulse racing, especially when it creates its trademark sonorous roar under the hood. The 5.9-liter V12 engine pumping out 540hp of power and the rear wheels driving through a 6-speed automatic put DB9 to life and what you drive is pure magic.

As mentioned earlier, shelling out your hard-earned money on a new car might not be possible but you can always buy a second hand Aston Martin DB9. If you’re confused about the place where you’d get a second-hand DB9 at the best price, you must visit Big Boy Toyz.

A key player in the market of pre-owned exotic cars, Big Boy Toyz has been offering a wide range of used luxury cars for years through its showroom situated on the highway of Delhi and Gurgaon. Already in the good books of many prominent personalities, the showroom makes sure that cars, before they are put on sale, are well certified, verified and approved by the experts.

Rest assured! The showroom’s priority is its customers and therefore, quality is never compromised.

So, visit our place and drive home your own used Aston Martin.