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Every beautiful thing has red color and Ferrari is one such brand too. It looks more sumptuous, stylish, and slaying on the streets of Mumbai. When Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is in 'RED'

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  • 2016 Used Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 5400
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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Verified and Used F12 Berlinetta in Mumbai

How about returning home from the office or trip being comfortable and luxurious? Heaven, right? So, we brought you one such heaven item from our portfolio, A Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It is the craziest when it comes to Ferrari models. Where you get numerous highlights in each thing, such as performance, interior, and design. It is one of the best-selling models for the brand Ferrari, and it was applauded by the audience for its comfortable and sumptuous, interior and design. Which was inspired, or you can say carry forward to another model called Ferrari 812 Superfast. We bring you the original used Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is one of the successful models of Ferrari, now at affordable prices in Mumbai. So, why wait? Rush to our display area in Mumbai and own a used extravagance vehicle and experience the luxury.

First-hand Experience in Second-hand Ferrari F12 Berlinetta!

Yes, we know! There is much risk factor involved when we speak about 'Second-hand,' but Big Boy Toyz is a stress-free platform for the buyers. Since we know what our King needs to be served with! So, we aim at that particular point Price aren't we right? We know you buying F12 Berlinetta, which is a grand tourer with rear-wheel-drive, which has 6.3L, Naturally Aspirated, V12 engine and 7 Speed DCT Automatic, isn't easy. So we suggest you buy the second-hand F12 Berlinetta. Which is available in a condition like new at affordable prices. Make a firm decision because you are just a step back!

Pre-owned Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Mumbai

As mentioned, F12 Berlinetta performs well on the streets of Mumbai. Obvious, this is why Ferrari is premium! All credits go to its transaxle architecture, which developed with ambition in the mind and vision in the concept. It was to reduce the weight and move the center of gravity rearwards in the chassis. To reduce the car's frontal area, simultaneously increasing the passengers and space at boot. Which is much wider and spacious compared to the previous V12 coupe. Which will increase the comfort at the same time for long drives. To achieve all these, the Ferrari engineers team lowered the seats, engine, and dashboard.

A Glimpse of Used F12 Berlinetta in Mumbai

Further, the rear looks more compact because of reduction and repositioning. Which have worked on the fuel tank, but it has the caliber to deliver the same performance. The new transaxle layout is allowed by the rear multi-link suspension. Now it has F1 dual-clutch transmission with integrated electronic differential. Which exposes to new technology rather than traditional ones. Due to this, the design also looks compact and stylish, which is an attention seeker in F12 Berlinetta. It is awarded the XXIII Premio Compasso d'Oro ADI, this award winner, pre-owned F12 Berlinetta is now in Mumbai.

Buy The Second-hand F12 Berlinetta From Big Boy Toyz, In Mumbai!

How much you trust your decision to buy a second-hand F12 Berlinetta? That much we trust our platform! Not only us, but thousands of happy customers have also joined us. We serve 40 cities of India, with 30 different brands and 180 sumptuous models. Big Boy Toyz is the leading and most trusted platform in India. Where you get expert-verified, certified, F12 Berlinetta at a reasonable price in Mumbai. Which will deliver all the specifications and look like new with clean interiors. It is possible because of the efforts put in by the experts with multiple tests and tries to make the best and unmatchable second-hand Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. You can expect the price reasonable at Big Boy Toyz because it is based on the manufacturing date and Kilometers used F12 Berlinetta traveled.

You can expect quality service, Big Boy Toyz warranty, door-step delivery, and experience luxury at the showroom. For that, you have to visit us in Andheri (East), Mumbai. Else, you can contact us and book expert-verified, second-hand F12 Berlinetta through the website or Big Boy Toyz applications. 'Time is always right! It's your decision which needs to be Right!' So don't wait, just rush…