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  • 2016 Used Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    • Model 2016
    • KMS 5400
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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When your day ends at your office, don’t you want to come back to your home, back to your kids and your family? We have just the car for you! A used Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Delhi. We know what is stopping you from buying this bunch of Flash, the price! These luxury cars are expensive and it is not easy for anyone to afford them. Therefore, Big Boy Toyz presents your simpler solutions. Pre-Owned and Verified Ferrari for your needs!

Used and Verified Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Delhi

Bound to be a definitive two-entryway fantastic sightseer from Maranello, the F12 is a symbol of sorts in the auto genealogy that consummately slingshots the front mid-motor back tire drive reasoning as insightful learning. It’s got an effortlessness in its great outside plan language that makes you set up in place of worship, "the renowned GT soul and substance with Roman imbibing’s" and not to keep out of the unique circumstance, the F12's logical and driver situated lodge.

Second Hand Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Delhi

The F12 Berlinetta delivers truly extraordinary performance and driving involvement thanks to its highly evolved transaxle architecture which was developed with extremely ambitious objectives in mind. These were to reduce overall weight, lower and move the center of gravity rearwards in the chassis, and reduce the car’s frontal area whilst contemporaneously increasing passenger and luggage space compared to the previous V12 coupé to ensure maximum comfort over lengthier journeys. To achieve these objectives, the engineers lowered the engine, dashboard, and seats.

Pre-Owned Ferrari! Take it home!

Furthermore, the rear of the car is now more compact, thanks to the repositioning and reduction in the size of the fuel tank (permitted in part by a more efficient engine which delivers the same range as before) and to the new transaxle layout allowed by the rear multi-link suspension and F1 dual-clutch transmission with integrated electronic differential. Rather than a traditional separate boot, the F12 Berlinetta features a generous tail-gate incorporating the rear screen which contributes both to the compactness of the design, and the generous luggage space and its accessibility, while ensuring maximum structural rigidity. This solution also ensures that more of the car’s mass sits inside the shorter wheelbase to the benefit of handling dynamics.

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Purchasing a sports vehicle and that too from the Italian extravagance carmaker, Ferrari, is never a simple undertaking. The soaring value, the upkeep cost, and different factors consistently ring a bell when one considers claiming an F12 Berlinetta sports vehicle. However, consider the possibility that we offer you a similar vehicle at the best value fitting your financial plan. The Delhi-Gurgaon-based Big Boy Toyz, the main player of the used extravagance vehicles in India, consistently make a point to get the vehicles checked and confirmed by the approved bodies before putting them available to be purchased at the display area.