Looking to buy a used California car in hyderabad? Take a look...

Looking to buy a Used Ferrari California in Hyderabad? Take it away! Ferrari stood the test of time and it aced with the colors of speed…

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  • Ferrari California
    Ferrari California
    • Model 2011
    • KMS 15600
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2013 Used Ferrari California
    Ferrari California
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 7900
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2011 Used Ferrari California
    Ferrari California
    • Model 2011
    • KMS 8500
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Ferrari car Models

  • 812 SuperFast

  • California

  • F12 Berlinetta

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

  • Ferrari F430

  • Ferrari FF

Believe in the speed for the road: Used Ferrari California in Hyderabad

When you buy a Ferrari you are Somebody among crowds. What is so famous about Ferrari that everybody in the world desires one in their lifetime? I guess this is the reason. To be Somebody. You know you are going to arrive when you drive in a Ferrari model not anymore in your dreams but the realm of reality. California is Ferrari’s softest car, but the gentle roadster has been given a highly significant kick up the chuff courtesy whenever it hits the road on the toughest of bricks. The sportiness, design, and innovation of the car make it most desirable and satisfies even the most demanding of drivers through its superb vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure. But, as Enzo Ferrari said, “The Ferrari is a dream - people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people, it will remain a dream apart from for those lucky few.”, the car is often out of reach for most people. This is why we bring you a Used Ferrari California, a grand touring sports car, and one of the most ‘practical’ cars ever made by the brand for the road. What Ferrari California has since 2008, most luxury cars didn’t make it to that level even today. So, grab this opportunity and grant yourself a Ferrari.

The road is calling for the rebel beast: Pre-Owned Ferrari California in town

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former chairman of Ferrari, stated: We don't sell a car, we sell a dream. We are Italy's national team. There are many great soccer teams in our country, but there is only one Ferrari. And, we couldn’t agree with him with our desire for the brand in our hearts. Fortuitously, The Ferrari California is the first road car to have a front-mounted V8 engine, the first to have a dual-clutch gearbox, and, although not the first to have a removable hard-top: when you buy the car you will buy the best. It is a 2-door grand touring sports car, California is available as a 2+2 coupe cabriolet with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Cutting-edge aluminum fabrication techniques and construction technologies are used by the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence in the manufacture of California’s chassis that made the car ideal for those who are looking for a highly exclusive sports car that also entertains driving enjoyment to be pursued on every occasion. The seats and dash have procurement too: looks good, works well, and clad in Ferrari’s characteristically fragrant leather for real. This car is going to be dashing whenever you plan to take a weekend away or go for a long journey, in the mood for shopping in the city or even when simply going to your office. So, get yourself a Pre-Owned Ferrari California that will connect you and your soul whenever you are on the roads of Hyderabad. It is a surprisingly fair deal and a practical thing for a prancing horse-badged supercar that is preloved and well-maintained. Come and claim it today!

F for Fabulous, F for Ferrari: Second-Hand Ferrari California at BIG BOY TOYZ

It takes a great deal of taste and favorable choices in life to be able to pull a perfect luxury sports car that will meet your expectations. As more and more brands are going upmarket, it is getting a headache to choose a rarely seen and always heard kind of car. We also understand that supercars tend to defecate faster in their initial years and so we think many times before owning a preloved or second-hand luxury car. You wouldn’t have to worry if somebody took care of your favorite car even when you desire to buy Used. This is where BIG BOY TOYZ comes into the picture with a Second-Hand Ferrari California, desirable by you. BIG BOY TOYZ is India’s No 1 Used Car Dealer that brings you the best of Used, Pre-Owned, and Second-hand luxury cars with the best of deals and amazing prices with quality and comfort. We also offer EMIs and Loans as an easy financial purchase option to make it economical and accessible and our cars are verified for maximum safety measures. Not to forget, the cars including your favorite Used Ferrari California are authorized under certified dealers to make our dealership fair and equitable. Grab this opportunity and see us at our store in your city Hyderabad and slender through your dreams to make it the new reality. Take the typical Ferrari home before anybody else does!