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Looking to buy a used Toyota car in Pune ? Well, look no more…

Toyota is another word for reliability and so is our inventory.

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Toyota car

Toyota motor corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that’s the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world.  The company was founded by Toyoda Sakichi and the first car the Model AA sedan, was released in 1936.

Nowadays, Toyota has become a household name. Toyota not only stands for quality but variety. Toyota owns the flagship luxury car brand Lexus and Scion.

They not only care about luxury but the environment as well. Toyota aims to bring out vehicles that run through hydrogen fuel cell technology and that too, in a large number. Now that is a sustainable future.

Move towards the future with Pre-owned Toyota

Toyota is undoubtedly the most trusted car brand. You might be amazed to know that apart from making cars, the company’s subsidiaries manufacture rubber and cork materials, steel, synthetic resins, automatic looms, and cotton and woolen goods. The company dabbles in real estate as well. I mean what can’t they do?

Toyota keeps things new and original and thus comes up with new designs for its products and this is the reason why they are so expensive. To make things less expensive you’ve got Big Boy Toyz. Here are the used toyota cars available with Big Boy Toyz:

  • Prado

    - A land cruiser that is spacious and can easily accommodate 7 people. Prado is a six cylinder model equipped with V6 engine and is a good choice as both off-road and on-road vehicle. It has state of the art features to make every ride comfortable.
  • Land Cruiser

    - Available in the form of wagon, convertible and SUV, Land Cruiser is popular for its off-roading performance. Land Cruiser is tested in Australian outback before it being put on sale as it is believed that Australia offers the toughest tracks in terms of temperature and terrain.

Aim for a smart future with second hand Toyota

The quality that toyota offers is going to take it places and can tag you along with it as well. The ruling car brand not only sells cars but also sponsors games and education. Since Toyota is anything but perfection, it comes at a price. This price can be enough to make a hole in your pocket.

Owning a Toyota car must be the best thing you’ll do in your lifetime, provided you purchase from a trusted well known dealership. That’s where Big Boy Toyz comes into picture. We got the best certified cars that go through multiple appearance and performance checks and are certified.

Don’t hold yourself anymore and book an appointment with us and take home a used futuristic Toyota.

So, hurry up, before it’s too late!

Pune offers the best drives

Termed as the most livable city in 2018, Pune is the best place you can drive in. The city has got something for everybody. Pune is a city where every ride is magical. Pune has the best environment one could ask for. The city is filled with rich history of the maratha empire with various architectural monuments. No matter if you’re craving a walk on the beach or an early morning tea in the hills. Pune is only hours aways from it all. That’s why you need a pre owned big boy toyz car in the city, because every beautiful city deserves luxurious cars on the road.

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