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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Love for speed, respect for Ferrari!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

Ferrari is an Italian company that has a global reputation for designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line sports car in the world. It’s the only car brand that has taken part in all the F1 sports races organised so far. The superior performance of Ferrari on the racetrack has helped the brand to build a name niche for itself as a sports car. Ferrari has always focused on making beasts that are known more for their speed and comfort at the same time.

Recently, the company has also launched hybrid and sports cars that run on biofuels. Nevertheless, whatever research it’s doing to improve the efficiency of the engine and protect the environment, its focus lies on designing speedsters. All the models designed by Ferrari give the riders’ the unparalleled thrill of handling enormous power with a single touch on the accelerator.

Buy Pre-owned Ferrari Cars At Affordable Prices

Big Boy Toyz is a well-known second-hand car dealer in Delhi NCR and after its grand success nationwide it has recently opened another showroom in Mumbai. Herein, you will find beautifully maintained pre-owned luxury cars that are verified and certified by concerned authorities.

Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful sports car from the portfolio of Ferrari, then you should drop in the Mumbai showroom and select any one of the Ferrari models displayed there, which include:

  • Ferrari F430

    - A successor to Ferrari 360, this sports car comes with the new generation V8 berlinetta engine under the hood.
  • Ferrari 458

    - Continuing the legacy of the Ferrari F430, the 458 is a mid-engined sports car that has the capability of attaining a top speed of 340Kmph.
  • Ferrari California

    - It is a hard top convertible 2 door grand tourer that has marked a niche for itself in the luxury car market. Its grand success lead to the birth of its successor named as California T.
  • Ferrari FF

    - A mini sedan by look but a sports car by spirit, the Ferrari FF redefined the meaning of GT sports cars. Pininfarina gave the stylish look to this beast to make it withstand the toughest and unexpected driving challenges.

Why a Second hand Ferrari Car?

Buying a second-hand Ferrari car is advantageous as you get a higher priced car at a comparatively lower price, but also have to spend a great deal less on the insurance of that car. A used luxury car has a lesser depreciation rate compared to a brand-new car. These factors play a great role in attracting people to the used luxury car market to buy a pre-owned luxury car at deep discounts. If you are also interested in buying well-maintained pre-owned Ferrari cars, then come to the Big Boy Toyz showroom and select your favourite one.

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