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  1. Ferrari
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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car in Hyderabad ? Well, look no more…

Love for speed, respect for Ferrari!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

From the Italian stable, comes the racing “Prancing Horse” much to the delight of the car enthusiasts. One doesn’t need a second chance to validate Ferrari’s robust engine, matchless making, time honored perceiving and breathtaking speed. A treat for the eyes when it is in motion. The brand’s portfolio of sports cars and supercars carry the triumphant tag of being sought after.

Though associated with power, wealth and status, Ferrari does not escape the car aficionados when it comes to passion , technology and innovation.

Check out the epitome of Roman engineering from a range of Pre owned, used and new models

The Prancing Horse exemplification

Time for a sentimental adoration...

  • Ferrari F430

    - One for leading the distinguished clan, the F 430 from Ferrari certainly knows how to execute the perfect Prancing horse traits courtesy its notable and racer bred design language which evokes the self starter follow through within.
  • Ferrari 458

    - Counting, counting and takes a spectacular 3 seconds from naught to 100 km/h and the top speed lies close to the range of 320km/h.
  • Ferrari California

    - Term the epochal Italian grand tourer as an ace doer when it comes to showcasing the divine V8 symphony! Well that’s something for the inaugural kick off. Few seconds with the thought provoking and utilitarian interiors will quickly elevate your surreal race track framings to another level.
  • Ferrari FF

    - And to make additions to the astute gran tourer, well there is the Ferrari tag name doing a wholesome addition to your individuality and certainly you must have begun conceptualizing the descriptives for that rapturous V12 and its associated firepower.....
  • F12 Berlinetta

    - Banking on the award winning 6.3L V12 naturally aspirated petrol motor belting out a thunderous 740PS of max power, getting a high on the Ferrari idiosyncrasy is a sure shot rule of the game & don’t negate the dexterous 7 speed dual clutch gearbox which has its own sweet part to play.

The Childhood Dream- Pre owned and used Ferrari with an exotic tag

Big Boy Toyz, as always, being at the forefront, offers all models of Ferrari in its mouth watering collection. Look through and see through. They feel as good as brand new.

Because of the simple reason that BBT does full justice while procuring the prancing horse from almost any part of India and simply one will have no doubts while glancing through its history, service records and other nitty gritty details.

It's one of the everyday operating principles that makes Big Boy Toyz unique and distinct.

“Our dream was to see you rule the roads of Hyderabad accompanied by a soulful rushing and precedence”.

This is Big Boy Toyz’s daily dose of recital when it goes about sourcing the superlative Ferrari for your one upmanship cause.

Complemented by a equivalent racy exhaust note letting out of our Ferrari’s V8s and V12s to eradicate the last minute doubters and apprehensions.

You can leave aside the ‘little kilometre driven’ concept for now as BBT’s ‘pre–owned’ making known will adjoin the extra unusual X factor to the listing.

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