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  • 2012 Used Range Rover Freelander SE
    Range Rover Freelander SE
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    • KMS 40000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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How does it feel to be at the top? In the Ed Sheeran’s Photograph video, a fan would literally burst into tears when the parallels are shown between Ed in a concert and baby Ed on ‘the top of the mountain’. No matter how difficult the situation is, the view on the top makes it worth it. And what is a better way to experience it than going uphill yourself? Land Rover has been for many years, helping enthusiasts mount hills without any hassle. The reason why even after producing SUVs that are often less preferred by buyers, the brand is still at the top in the car market of India and abroad.

Make your frenemies envious with a Pre-Owned Land Rover Freelander

Land Rover is synonymous for ‘Off-Roading’. If you are an off-roading enthusiast, you can choose Land Rover blindfolded. An expert in this market, Land Rover realized the booming market for compact off-roader and thus, came out with this car– a toy not really a ‘field-basher’ but can very well satiate ‘anytime-go’ off-roading quest. Since this model is highly acclaimed as the finest off-roader in its class, Land Rover Freelander really takes this quest to the next level. Despite being little steep in pricing and compromised legroom and boot space, this car provides a smooth ride and commanding driving position, which puts you on the high seat to get a clear view through the expansive glass.

Adventure always carries a big cost. This car can only be availed if one has a large sum of money. Unfortunately, there are only a few who will be able to own it. Dismayed? No need to. You might find it difficult to buy a new car but you can always go for a used Land Rover Freelander. “Used” terrifies the buyers and they are always worried whether they’ll ever get a reliable place where they can make a safe purchase. Your prayers have been heard. Big Boy Toyz, which is a leading name in the market of pre-owned exotic cars and is based out of Delhi NCR, not only gives a variety of luxury cars but also makes them available at the best price. The cars are put on sale only after they are approved by the experts.

But before you plan on to purchase a pre-owned Land Rover Freelander up for sale, you need to know some amazing features this car offers:

Comfortable Ride - Land Rover Freelander’s Terrain Response System allows you to adjust the car's setting to combat different surface conditions making bumpy rides into comfy ones.

Design and Styling - With a well-ordered shape along with an upgraded and appealing front bumper and the grille, Freelander definitely displays its noticeable masculinity.

Driving Experience - Can you imagine a roller coaster ride with minimal body movement? Yes, Freelander offers a smooth, easy and an impressive driving experience without making you road sick.

Performance - This baby comes with standard V6 and optional V8 offering remarkable acceleration. With strong brakes, steady wheel, swift 8-speed automatic transmission, Freelander offers an enjoyable drive on both off-road and plain roads.

Breaking News - Second Hand Land Rover Freelander is available for sale! Freelander comes with two-wheel drive as well, so if you are looking for ‘two-wheel smooth off-roader providing 4*4 driving thrill’, then this is the one for you. This small off-roader with a heavy brand value showcases great muscle on the road. Its steady wheel and powerful engine skillfully iron out your bouncy ride. Rugged, comfortable, seductive providing swells performance on and off road – Freelander is definitely a Big Boys’ Toy!

But this toy is pretty expensive. As mentioned earlier, a new is out of reach for many car enthusiasts but they can still experience luxury in their dream car by purchasing a second hand Land Rover Freelander. We have a nice collection of used Land Rover Freelander at our Delhi-Gurgaon based showroom and we'll make sure that the car is both well certified and verified. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the showroom today and get hold of your second hand Land Rover Freelander up for sale.