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Looking to buy a used Continental car ? Well, look no more…

Popularly known as luxury of spontaneity, Bentley Continental GT is all about freedom

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Continental car

How difficult is it to ignore the international language of horsepower, immaculate paintwork, and a Big B logo? Yes, we are talking about Bentley Continental GT – a chiseled machine that pronounces class and power status-quo for people with deep pockets (Ohh yes! A weighty sum of moolah is what it takes to put this ‘exquisiteness’ in your garage). Available as a coupe or convertible in a choice of 3 twin-turbo engines i.e. 500hp V8, a 521hp V8 S, and a 567hp W12, all featuring 8-speed automatic, 20-inch wheel (with a choice of 21-inch), a grossly lavish interior, a specially tuned chassis and all-wheel drive, explain why Continental GT is the first choice for all the celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires.

Buying a Pre-owned Bentley Continental GT

‘Explosive’ is the word to define the acceleration power of Bentley Continental GT. Its standard engine is a 6.0-liter, twin-turbo W12 that thrusts 567hp and 516 pound-feet of torque and giving power to all four wheels via 8-speed automatic transmission. Blasting 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds and attaining a top speed of 206mph (given an opportunity to explore); the Continental GT is a supercar in every sense. Driving a Continental GT comes with the condition of ruling the road on your own terms and breathing the freedom of experiencing the life’s grand tour. Every part of this gargantuan tourer is made to perfection to bring out the most lavish traveling experience right at your feet.

To put in simple word, Continental GT is a vehicle where supercar speed meets the luxury handcrafted for the ultimate driving pleasure. But can we all afford this expensive beauty? All of us, for sure, have dreamt of taming this deadly beast on the roads but there is a difference between a dream and a reality. However, there exists a place where you can give wings to your dreams. We are talking about the presence of the used luxury cars market in India where you can find the car of your choice at best prices without compromising on the front of quality and performance. In case you want to buy a used Bentley Continental GT car at the affordable price, then Big Boy Toyz is the right place for you, as you will find the models right from the year 2008 to the year 2014 up-to-date on quality and performance.

Big Boy Toyz is a leading player of pre-owned luxury cars in the second-hand cars' market, based in Delhi NCR. The cars put up for sale at the showroom go through the extreme checking process and are verified and certified by the authorized bodies before being displayed. If you want to buy a pre-owned Bentley Continental GT up for sale in the market, but are worried about the financing, then again Big Boy Toyz is the solution for you as we provide financing facilities also to our valued customers so as to make their purchasing process easy and hassle-free.

Second Hand Bentley Continental GT – The Best a Man Can Get!

The aura of having a Bentley Continental GT standing right in front of your courtyard is something that falls short on words but can only be felt. However, as not all can have the purchasing power of buying a brand new Continental GT, pre-loved cars market is one of the best options available at their front to fulfill their wish. The second-hand luxury car market is flourishing in the country, majorly in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai et al. But before you finalize your plan of getting a second hand Bentley Continental GT to cruise the road on your own conditions, let us give you some more reasons of owning this robust beauty:

Distinct Features

Fuel Economy - An addition of cylinder deactivation to the twin-turbo W12, providing 5% improvement in fuel economy is its best feature.

Interior - Its darkened chrome mesh grilles, jewel-effect headlamps, soft-embroidered leather upholstery, striking walnut finishes, and Big B logo scripted everywhere scream out that this is the expensive ride to own.

Infotainment - With ultra-sophisticated overall connectivity options like Bluetooth, iPod/MP3 and Naim Balanced Mode Radiator speakers on board, you could be well entertained while combating a heavy traffic.

A winter car - This is a supreme luxury car that’s also good in winter conditions. With twin-turbo W12, AWD, gripping winter tires and heated seats, this classy beauty could be your best buddy in extreme weather conditions.

These features are just the small glimpse of the exclusive and extensive world of what a Bentley offers in its offsprings. So go and get your Bentley before it becomes the beauty of your neighbor’s courtyard!

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