Looking to buy a used Toyota Hiace car in hyderabad? Take a look...

Looking to buy a Used Toyota Hiace in Hyderabad? We got you! Make all your driving experience an adventure you never witnessed before…

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  • Toyota Hiace Commuter
    Toyota Hiace Commuter
    • Model 2019
    • KMS 6000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • 2013 Used Toyota Hiace Commuter
    Toyota Hiace Commuter
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 16000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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  • Toyota Hiace

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Used Toyota Hiace in Hyderabad: A Trustworthy Partner

If you ask me to define Toyota Hiace in a single sentence, I would say: With ample interior space, an easy entry-and-exit sliding door, and seating for 12, the Hiace can take your team, family, or club wherever you want to go, with ease. Though it took Toyota 15 years to bring the new Hiace, it is better late than never, and now we can own it. They say and we believe that The design is definitely more modern as well, setting the van up for a run that might last well into the 2030s. It dares to impress world-class quality for its range of cars. Also, say hello to a Used Toyota Hiace that is now in Hyderabad brought to you by BIG BOY TOYZ. It is powerful and has a stable ride-on performance: all that you need for the streets of your city. Come and grab the magnificent opportunity.

Let the world notice something new: Pre-Owned Toyota Hiace in the town

With more power, more comfort, and more technology plus improved safety features it's not just a step up - it's a jump for the Hiace in the market. Toyota claims that there has been a focus on an excellent field of view at the front as well as plentiful storage space and the cockpit is easy to use as it gives the driver a feeling of confidence and comfort through operations across a whole range of work scenarios. The new Toyota Hiace might still look like a regular van, but it's definitely come a long way in appearance with a powerful, stable, and quiet ride to combat driver enthusiasm with long hours behind the wheel. It is equipped with 6-speed manual transmission and adopts a turbocharger which provides dynamic performance and enhances fuel economy for the sake of roads. So, get yourself a Pre-Owned Toyota Hiace in your city engaged with amazing deals and prices along with a fair dealership made with safety measures. It is the leading edge of owning what is the best.

Ample Space for Comfort and Style: Second-Hand Toyota Hiace at BIG BOY TOYZ

BIG BOY TOYZ is India’s No 1 Used Car Dealer that brings you a Second-Hand Toyota Hiace that comes with a 2.8L turbo diesel that delivers a smoother ride. With a fuel consumption of 7.2L/100km for the diesel, the Hiace is extremely fuel-efficient, putting out 130 kW and 450 Nm of power. It is equipped with Toyota's promising safety, the new Hiace is intended with drive and front passenger airbags, Vehicle stability control, Hill-start assist control and optimal distribution of braking force, and so on. It is safe and fitted for all your road expeditions. BIG BOY TOYZ also offers EMIs and Loans as purchase options along with authorized cars under certified dealers. The cars are verified to ensure maximum utilization of luxury and all allow to experience what is best. See us at our store in Hyderabad and live through the times of the best Hiace on the road.