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GRAB THE MAJOR POWER: with Used MINI Countryman in Hyderabad

We all had our own set of MINI in 1990 when Mr. Bean owned that green MINI 1000 Mark 4 with a matte black bonnet. The car silently made the man and cartoon famous among people of all ages. We all know how much Mr. Bean loved his car and decades later nothing has changed but people out there in the world grew their love towards MINI car models. What makes your purchase unique? MINI has been creating cars that inspire awe and pure joy for over 60 years. There have been hundreds of innovations and millions of models, yet, they have the same passion to forever change what it means to drive: a car that is meant for everyone and that awakens the spirit of the streets. From trekking downtown or cruising up in the mountains, its powerful engine and drive system makes it all significant. What is more amazing is that you can get a Used MINI car in Hyderabad ready to challenge all the adventures ahead. Are you ready?

Pre-Owned MINI Countryman: Young for Adventures

Do not judge the book by its cover. Heard about the phrase right? Well, MINI Countryman is the ambassador of that phrase. The Countryman believes in not going anywhere but going everywhere. The pre-owned MINI Countryman is an intrepid adventurer equipped with go-anywhere confidence and gives you ample space for five people, luggage, and all those memories you’ll pick as you go. It’s just perfect for an active lifestyle with your friends and family. If this isn’t what we call a family car then the world doesn’t know what is. If you go out in the street you will notice that the most robust and ruggedly handsome MINI will always attract a good crowd. It is made for the crowd. The car comes with enough legroom, headroom, and elbow room for your backseat passengers, too. Essentially the car cares like a family member. 

The model offers the familiar 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor that develops 189 bhp and 280 Nm of peak torque. The engine is paired with a 7-speed DCT transmission on the Cooper S, and a 7-speed DCT Sport unit on the JCW Inspired edition. The SUV is quick and sprints from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds with a top speed of 225 km/h. Also, there are two driving modes available - Sport and Green. Hence, if you are planning to own a preloved and pre-owned MINI Countryman, then there isn’t a better pick than your choice. Hyderabad and Countryman are going to be possible with BIG BOY TOYZ.

BIG BOY TOYZ offers Second-Hand MINI Countryman: Create the new route

Second-Hand but with a flick of the toggle you can enjoy different handling and responsiveness to match your mood and the SPORT boosts steering and stifles response for a more dynamic experience. And, the GREEN mode helps you achieve maximum fuel efficiency with leisurely cruising. What's more, You enjoy a healthy orthopedic seating posture and reduce strain on your back muscles – making it an especially valuable feature on long journeys. 

BIG BOY TOYZ maintains these features for you. Luxury cars tend to wear out fast in their early stages and so we make sure that the cars are well-maintained with us. Used or not the cars remain authorized under certified dealers and with maximum safety measures. Hence, BIG BOY TOYZ offers the best second-hand luxury cars in India and MINI Countryman is one of our bests. Grab the amazing deals and prices on the car model along with EMI and Loan options for an easy purchase domain. It is a time where you can create your route with your dream car and BBT is stepping up to make your dream come true. See us at our store in Hyderabad and make a MINI happen for you.