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A fighter model for Mercedes-Benz and luxury for the buyers. With unmatched aggressive and innovative features.

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  • 2015 Used Mercedes Benz C220d 'Aventgrade'
    Mercedes Benz C220d 'Aventgrade'
    • Model 2015
    • KMS 19000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 57000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2013 Used Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 1700
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • 2013 Used Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    • Model 2013
    • KMS 11000
    • Fuel Type Diesel
  • 2014 Used Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI 'Style'
    • Model 2014
    • KMS 7000
    • Fuel Type Diesel

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Mercedes is always known for its performance and design, the A-class is proof for it. "The Team of the Year" was won by the Mercedes Benz design team for A Class design. So, you can imagine the fine and finished design. With the perfect blend of individualistic character, it has a sporty and classy design. You can expect noise reduction to make a stress-free drive. Not only the design is luxurious, but the performance is also high. The Mercedes A-Class is a competitor to Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf, and BMW 1 series.

Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class in Mumbai!

Your desire towards Mercedes A-Class might leave you half away. Due to the price factor of brand new A-Class. So, we suggest going for used Mercedes A-Class. The used word may make you feel scared because of the risk involved regarding the performance and quality you buy. But, trust us, in a developing country like India. The second-hand car market has developed a lot, not only in Mumbai but in big cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. The used car market in India has taken major height, and the sales of the new car market will arise by 1.3x by next year. Searching for a second-hand car platform? A platform that is a destination for all? The one such platform is of ours, Big Boy Toyz. The leading player in the used luxury car markets.

We Are a One-Stop Destination! Big Boy Toyz

The most trusted and fast-growing platform is Big Boy Toyz in the market of second-hand cars. We are not only limited to Mumbai, we are spread into 40 cities of India. It was a bit about our reputation, and we hope you end up buying this exotic expert-verified, pre-owned, and certified Audi A-Class from us. All second-hand cars including, your's pre-owned Audi A-Class. It goes through the process of analyzing, testing, and fixing by the experts of Big Boy Toyz. This process makes the pre-owned and certified A-Class look like a brand new car. These expert-verified Mercedes-Benz gets certified after a couple of tries and set on sale in our Big Boy Toyz showroom. We promise our customers a good vibe, service, stress-free buying, comparatively low price, and many more. To enjoy the luxury, comfort, and experience of luxury cars, visit us.

The Class Luxury Car, A Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz A-Class…

In the list of the oldest and branded luxury cars, you can find Mercedes-Benz. It has been servicing humankind with the best of its products and service. It may be the robust SUV, Sedan, Coupe, the name you take, and the success stories are behind them. Mercedes-Benz has tried its best and in every vertical line of car, through the innovation, vision, and priorities of luxury service to the customer has created the success stories. Let's take you to the world of Mercedes-Benz with a glimpse of A-Class top-line features.

Safety: The drive needs to be safe and luxurious. Mercedes-Benz is cautious about the same. They have tried to install the best for passengers safe drive, which includes Lane Keeping Assist, Pre-safe system, attention assist, Mercedes-Benz's special safety feature intelligent drive, and Blind Spot assist. These were the few features that A-Class supports.

Design: Sporty dimensions, low roofline, and bold grille make it a compact size car with a luxurious award-winning design. The five doors with five comfortable seating passengers with personalization touch inside. This luxury A-Class is not a space crunch, you can experience the comfort and the luxury drive.

Infotainment: How about relax drive and chill entertainment? To chill more, A-Class has a huge infotainment system. Which is in table format with ease of navigation and to work on. The interior gets complemented with this first-class infotainment system. A pleasure entertainment and safety equipped system make the ambiance attractive.

Panoramic Sunroof: Mercedes-Benz A-Class creates a welcoming atmosphere through the huge area of sliding sunroof glass. The interior looks brighter, airy, and full of natural light that makes you drive more. You can enjoy the scenic beauty without stopping the luxurious and comfortable beast and without stepping out.

All these things make the car a desire, a dream car for many Indians, and Mumbaikars especially. Don't let the time run away, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class sold out. Press accelerate and visit us in Mumbai to experience this luxury in person. Also, for a purchase, you can contact us through online platforms and get a deal! What are you waiting for? We are here in Mumbai waiting for you with your A-Class.

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