Looking to buy a used Hummer H3 car in mumbai? Take a look...

People know you like a wild one, but you are soft and comfortable from the inside, then the name is Hummer H3: The Wild! Now at Big Boy Toyz.

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  • Hummer H3
    Hummer H3
    • Model 2008
    • KMS 32500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2010 Used Hummer H3
    Hummer H3
    • Model 2010
    • KMS 38500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2007 Used Hummer H3
    Hummer H3
    • Model 2007
    • KMS 45700
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Hummer car Models

  • Hummer H2

  • Hummer H3

Used Hummer H3 in Mumbai

The introduction must have given you the hint, yes! You guessed it! Hummer H3 is wild that goes well on off roads and comfortable with soft touch and luxury from inside. The Hummer H3 is the succeeding model of Hummer H2. In this small lineup of series, Hummer H3 stands the best and top on the table. Though there are few inheritances of a couple of preceding and few innovative features. Unlike a couple of Used Hummer models (H1 & H2), Hummer H3 is not built by the AM General. It was introduced in 2006, which is modified GMT355. So, you can own the used Hummer H3 in Mumbai at Big Boy Toyz.

Pre-owned Hummer H3 in Mumbai

Buying the new Hummer H3 in Mumbai will uplift your life, and it will be an excellent role play in your life. Since the performance on the off-road is good, your adventurous trips with the family will be mesmerizing. But, buying the Hummer H3 is not easy, so we asked above to buy the used Hummer H3. Since the price of Hummer H3 is hefty that will drill your pocket. You can own the pre-owned Hummer H3 at a reasonable price from Big Boy Toyz. Don't be scared of the 'Pre-owned' word. It is just a word that lowers the hefty price of Hummer H3.

A Glimpse of Second-hand Hummer H3 at Big Boy Toyz

The second-hand Hummer H3 is still tough and rugged when you sit behind the wheels to drive this beast. It is equipped with 3.7 L, Inline5, Longitudinal, and 4 Speed Automatic Transmission. Where the peak power is 245 PS at 5600 rpm and 329 Nm at 4600 rpm. This shows performance excellence. Where you get into mountain ranges drive or simple street drive, where there are numerous potholes. The suspensions of second-hand Hummer H3 will keep you comfortable inside.

Coming to its, luxury and comfort. In the interior of second-hand Hummer H3, you get a plethora of safety measures that prevent you from risking life. The spacious rear seat, legroom, and massive boot space make a perfect family-focused SUV. Along with that, you can access and experience various luxury features that make you drive long and long. The exterior of the used Hummer H3 looks like old school designed SUV. But, it is attractive and sumptuous. So, what more you want? It is perfect for Mumbai and Mumbaikar lifestyles. It will give you a cherishing experience when driving it for long hours.

Beneficiary Purchase of Pre-owned Hummer H3 At Big Boy Toyz.

Big Boy Toyz is the biggest and most trusted platform across India. Where you get a plethora of used luxury cars and myriad brands. Which is a certified and simple buying process, makes purchasing easy. The reasonable price of used luxury cars gives you more purchasing power. This is how we are great in our terms. You should buy this pre-owned Hummer H3 since you get the best and unmatchable pre-owned Hummer H3. Which is tested multiple times and fixed with necessary inputs carried out by the experts of Big Boy Toyz. So, why wait? Visit our showroom in Mumbai and experience the luxury. You can book the second-hand Hummer H3 through the website or Big Boy Toyz application.