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In India, if someone asks which is your dream car? BMW is the first brand you will hear from many of them. Such an impact is possible because of the luxury and comfort that BMW models have served and still serving today.

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About Our Luxury Car, Expert-Verified, Pre-owned BMW 3-Series in Mumbai

The posh of Mumbai needs luxurious things to uplift the lifestyle. So, what is your bucket list that suits Mumbai? A sea-facing flat? Yes! Branded clothes? Of course, an ordinary car to step out? No! A luxury car will lift your lifestyle. So, we brought you the best second-hand BMW 3 Series cars in Mumbai. We know what are you concerned about? The price! It is a second-hand BMW 3 Series, which is available at affordable prices. At Big Boy Toyz, you get an even comparative price with an unmatchable and expert-verified luxury car that will steal your little money and heart.

But, how is BMW? Don't doubt BMW, it is a German luxury car manufacturing brand. BMW is also known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. In 2012, BMW was recorded as the top trustworthy organization on the planet by Forbes.com. The ranking depends on the viewpoints, for instance, individuals' purchasing power, work for, suggest, and put resources into an organization 40% by their impression of their items, and 60% by their impression of an organization.

Certified and Used BMW 3 Series in Mumbai

In BMW 3 series, you get different models, which has adopted the requirement of the users. Where you get an option of petrol and diesel fuel option. The 2.0-liter turbo cylinder with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission sends the power to rear wheels. Where the 258PS and 400Nm (a 6PS and 50Nm boost) and the 190PS and 400Nm diesel one. So, there is nothing that you will miss out on in the performance. The only difference you will experience is the pickup in petrol engine is fast and diesel a bit slow. But, that doesn't matter to a perfect sedan like BMW 3 Series.

Coming to its design, there is no difference. The latest version of the used BMW 3 Series has increased in length and change the alloy wheels design. You get a little short length in previous versions. Otherwise, you can observe the typical shutter-designed front grille of BMW with LED headlamps. On the rear, you get an electrical boot opening in the latest version of the second-hand BMW 3 Series. Jumping into the boot, you get a massive space, and likewise, you get enough legroom at the rear seat due to an increase in the length, and center armrest. At the driver seat, you get few controls on the doors and a high-quality surround sound system. At the front, you can observe the center armrest with little storage space with a gearbox and wireless charging. Also, the dashboard is soft touch, with a chrome-plated, and infotainment system. You can operate the infotainment system and complete the digital instrument cluster through the steering touchpad. Overall, a perfect luxurious interior with a wide panoramic sunroof, and different versions of driving dynamics such as sports, comfort, echo, and many more.

Verified and Pre-owned BMW 3 Series on Sale at Big Boy Toyz

You have got a perfect choice of going for second-hand BMW 3 Series. But, do you got a one-stop platform for a second-hand luxury car? Well, there is no more browsing because you are at Big Boy Toyz. Who is the leading player and popular in the second-hand luxury car portal in India? Which is a one-stop destination for a used second-hand luxury car. Big Boy Toyz has world's top 30 brand and 180+ cars that are delivered in a condition which looks, feels, and experience like a new one. It is possible because of our experts, who interact with each used luxury car that enters our showroom, it passes through multiple tests and gets fixed with necessary inputs. Due to this, there are thousands of happy customers from Mumbai and other parts of India.

Big Boy Toyz's customer service and experience of luxury are unmatchable. You can visit our showroom to buy the certified and pre-owned BMW 3 Series in Mumbai. So, why wait for a happy ending? Rush to our showroom before it gets out of stock, else, you can contact us or book one for you through our website or Big Boy Toyz application.