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Looking to buy a used Mercedes Benz GLS car ? Well, look no more…

Aimed to power with perfection meeting the highest standards

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Mercedes Benz GLS car

Planning to buy a used Mercedes Benz GLS car? Take a look
Aimed to power with perfection meeting the highest standards

About Mercedes Benz GLS

Going by its brawny and mean stance, the colossal 7 seater SUV does the perfect honors for a look on hankering in all aspects. The gigantic proportions of course have an overwhelming effect on the keen eyed beings for sure and there’s no negating that. The GLS feels admirably different and there’s something unique and unusual for its elite takers who have a deluge of marvels in store as the three pointed star makes the proceedings for a wishful fantasy drive. The interiors are breathtaking and it goes to show the innovative minds behind the mastery of such tactful acts.

You wish for it and Mercedes Benz has it ready for you

Some of the Salient Features on the inside:-

  • Thermatronic 3 Zone Climate Control
  • Ambient Lightning
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Memory Package
  • Command Online
  • Artico Leather
  • Navigation

Engine Lineup for the GLS

  • Diesel Motor
  • 3 Litre V6 Turbocharged
  • Power -258 bhp
  • Torque-620 Nm
  • Drivetrain- 4 Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Type- Diesel
  • Transmission- 9 G Tronic

Petrol Engine

  • 3 Litre V6 Turbocharged
  • Power-333 bhp
  • Torque- 480 Nm
  • Drivetrain - 4 Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Type - Petrol
  • Transmission - 9G Tronic
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