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  1. Lexus
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Looking to buy a used Lexus car in Hyderabad ? Well, look no more…

Innovation, perfection and soul-stirring performance define Lexus

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Lexus car

The slanting L from Japan spells power, beauty and elegance. Its no surprise because Lexus’ parent company, Toyota, known for perfection and meticulousness is known to deliver quality products.

With a strong emphasis on an inhouse process termed as IDEAL (Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced and Lasting) and 500 stringent standards, Lexus ensures that every model undergoes through a series of quality checkpoints.

Despite stiff competition from other brands, Lexus has carried a niche for itself.

The Japanese finesse of luxury. Pick from a plethora of Pre owned, used and new cars

It's your time now!

Make it happen at Big Boy Toyz

  • LS

    - A sense of futuristic technology encapsulated within a classy originative exterior that ticks all the right boxes in the mind of the potential buyer.
  • LX

    - The biggest bruiser of the Lexus lineup, the LX is the absolute pinnacle of luxury, off road expertise and power in an SUV. It can easily get you past those rock beds and river crossings while you go about your business inside.
  • RX

    - Efficiency and style combined with the new fangled crossover flakes yet classy stance of the RX make it one complete package.This one’s interesting The  calculative four wheel drive system helps it take on the variable road conditions thus leaving no stone unturned to make it a formidable Japanese spell.

The case of a Pre owned Lexus with an exotic bearing

It is every man’s dream to possess the comfort and reliability of a Lexus but that comes at a steep price. This is where Big Boy Toyz steps in.

Amidst the swanky supercars in its showrooms, you’ll get to admire the finespun and dainty charm of the Lexus models ....perhaps many of them parked in close quarters to another that too at affordable prices thereby translating the wishful thinking into a reality.

Transforming into a subtle law abiding citizen to be in the good books of the authorities!

Centering on the Lexus as a worthwhile option from the one and only Big Boy Toyz will put you on the right course of action for the said environmental sustainability. Leave behind a green footprint as your thought provoking Lexus fits the bill perfectly for a pleasing ride on the roads of Hyderabad.

No guilt feeling thereon!

Come on, you must have learnt some of the Hybrid ABC technicalities of the Japanese luxury car division at BBT’s ever enticing showroom in Gurgaon or probably at Delhi or Mumbai.

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