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Looking to buy a used Jaguar car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Planning to buy a used Jaguar in mumbai. Do consider this


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar car

The grandeur of a Jaguar enkindles belongingness produced by a British automaker this carendears to people for its feel; those passionate about performance and speed. The name spells magic on onlooker, be it any place in the world. Acquired by Tata motors in 2008, The Jaguar has sustained its charm with effective pioneering technology, thus retaining its popularity. For those who dream of a Jaguar eludes them, can think of buying a used Jaguar from an authorised Jaguar dealer in Mumbai. Check the configure of car and be sure of buying it from a certified Jaguar car dealer and own a used authorised Jaguar.

Jaguar models are also known for their smooth handling and precise control. When you own a Jaguar model, you not only get to experience riding a fantastically engineered machine but also embrace a culture that pays a premium in providing comfort to the riders. Its plush passenger cabin is designed in such a way that it cut off all the outside noises and minimizes the bumps on the tracks. This ensures that you travel in a cocoon of luxury.

Paradise of second hand Jaguar cars in Mumbai

The reputed pre-owned car dealer from Delhi, Big Boy Toyz has opened a new showroom in Mumbai. BBT already has two showrooms, one in Delhi and the other one is in Gurgaon. The company has made a name for itself by offering well-maintained cars of different brands at a huge discount.

If you are looking to ride a used Jaguar car, then the newly opened Big Boy Toyz showroom is the place for you. All the cars displayed here are thoroughly checked so that you get to ride the best and there is no compromise on either the comfort or performance of the car models. You can go and look at some of the pre-owned Jaguar cars displayed here, which include:

  • Jaguar XF

    - A mid-size luxury saloon in lineup, Jaguar XF is designed to offer precision in every command. Riding this beast is a pleasure that can’t be defined in words. Jaguar Xf is a mid sized executive luxury car with a large silhonette. The amalgamation of efficiency and dynamics the Jaguar XF delivers excitement and satisfaction to the riders. The touch pro technology is integrated powerfully and responds well to the riders. The Jaguar XF has recorded the price of Rs 55.67 lac in Mumbai. A used Jaguar XF can be bought for luxury in Mumbai from an authorised Jaguar dealer for best price and configure of any used Jaguar in Mumbai, ensure the seller details.
  • Jaguar XJ

    - It is the flagship sedan from the marque that excels in delivering incomparable performance and power. It is the car that even the royal family of the UK loves to drive. Assertive styling includes an imposing, spacious, agile and powerful LED headlights with a distinctive pinstripe graphic. Its powerful character is reflected in the low, wide stance and long, taut waistline. Style and substance is here in it. It has an upright front grille configure with mesh detail. XJ’s all-aluminium body architecture is not only robust but also light-feathered. Riveted, and without a single welded joint, the 100 percent aluminium monocoque chassis and structure makes this one of the lightest cars. Relaxing and comfortable for the passenger and exuberance configured in both inside out is well performed. Equipped with state-of-the-art Touch pro system. The Jaguar XJ type has a price range from Rs 99.01 lakh - 1.07 Cr  for used Jaguar XJ  type check out a certified Jaguar car dealer in Mumbai also check out the substance configured with class at authorised Jaguar dealer.
  • Jaguar XK

    - A sports car in every essence, Jaguar XK is the dream car of many car lovers due to its exhilarating deliverability and state of the art technology. A grand blend of sports cars heart and soul. The luxurious refined performance and the convenience of a 2+2 seating configuration. A Grand Tourer in nature, the car is available as a 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. The solid substantial presence configures this car. Instead of shelling out a large sum of money on a new car, you can always opt for a used Jaguar XK. The Jaguar XK type has a price range from Rs. 88.00 Lakh - 1.88 Cr and its available at certified Jaguar dealer in mumbai at authorised Jaguar XK type dealer.
  • Jaguar F-Type

    - The cat eyes of this sports car says everything about it being a badass beast. It shares platform with the mighty Jaguar XK. Manufactured as a two door, two seater sports luxury car it is considered to be like the famous E type in its spirit. The Jaguar F type is available in both coupe and convertible with characteristic uniqueness. The light weight seats make the interiors comfortable with the controls being at hands reach. The ambience can configure color change as per your mood. The Jaguar F type has a price range from Rs95.11 lac to 2.41 Cr for used authorised Jaguar F type, which is nominal price, check out a certified Jaguar car dealer in Mumbai also check out the best price bargain and configure of the luxury car when you contact the authorised Jaguar F type dealer in mumbai.
  • Jaguar XE

    - It is the most cherished possession of the marque as it fairly depicts the glorious history of the brand and carries the legacy of its forefathers. Smooth handling, precise and responsive steering, latest safety features and lightweight construction make it a better deal among its peers. A style and presence which make it distinct from any other car in its class. This luxury configure is one of an amazing sporting saloon known  for its dynamic handling, authorised Jaguar XE’s performance has been enhanced. It configures a style and presence which differentiates it from any other car in its class. Available in two variants Sand SE. Instinctively eye-catching, dynamic and stylish presence.The Jaguar XE type configure has a price range from Rs 44.98 lakh and Rs 46.33 lakh. Jaguar dealer is here at BBT mumbai.

Second Hand Jaguar Cars – Break the Shackles

Thanks to the proliferation of reputable companies that sell fantastically maintained pre-owned cars, the market for second-hand cars is now highly developed. The Big Boy Toyz is one of the big players in this market that offers you not only perfectly maintained car, but also limited warranty on all the models that are displayed in its showroom. Therefore, you can buy any second hand car from here with complete peace of mind and a surety that it will give you the performance of a brand-new model.

Pre-owned Jaguar Car in Mumbai

Might be wondering how the cars are being evaluated. Well its the matter of luxury and comfort. probably you might know that Big Boyz Toy is the certified car dealer in mumbai which means there will be no compromise in the quality and configure of the car at nominal price. You need not worry. Explore the performance, luxury and comforting features as standard, as well as a service that is second to none.

How We Evaluate Each Car

A 151 checkpoint assurance is there which is a comprehensive checklist that has been created to ensure that each and every car leaves the BBT showroom with "BBT certified Pre-Owned Cars" certification. BBT is an authorized Jaguar Dealer. We believe in transparency and fair dealing; we have a zero-tolerance policy for catering this.  We save your time as well as ours too by not putting excessive amounts and then bargain stuff. We have fixed prices. No car is entertained here with an accident or any mishap.  Here we also do a complete check of vehicle history with no litigation case on it. check for National crime record is also performed for authorised Jaguar in order to remove all the possibilities of purchasing a car with a case.


When being Luxury is your strength you choose authorised Jaguar. Performance enveloped in speed is namesaked by Jaguar. It not only stands for it's opulence or grandeur but for it's belongingness too. The passion indulge in the making of these vehicles by British automakers can't be measured materialistically it can only be felt. Blend of exquisite design and top-notch performance to keep alive the culture of excellence full of pride. One glare can make you fall in love with the charm and you'll be spellbind. This can be done at big boy toyz which is authorised Jaguar dealer in  mumbai Its zero tolerance policy and configure checkpoint theory makes it more reliable.


151 check points are cherry on cake for us. Holistic inspection is done. We also entertain buy back policy. With 25% depreciation with kms limitation.  Client's confidentiality is prior and we also make it our priority. Hassle free buying is our motto and we try our best to make it to another level. Limited period i.e. six month warranty we serve.  Service and insurance history check is important and cars come with a complete check.  Checkpoints cover the vehicle history, road test, under hood maintenance, interior and exterior also underbody.

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