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Looking to buy a used Hummer car in Chandigarh ? Well, look no more…

Thinking of power and thrust? Try Hummer!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Hummer car

If you are looking for a military-style hardy vehicle for your off-road adventures, then you should choose the Hummer. It was derived from the tactical Humvee vehicle made for the U.S. Army in 1983 which was later rechristened as Hummer and launched for civilian use in the year 1992.

In the year 1999, General Motors acquired this company and launched H2 and H3 models for the civilian market. Although Hummer is disbanded by the company, this brand still evokes a lot of interest among those who want to drive her super-premium, powerful off the road vehicle which comes with military-grade strength.

The Hummer was an attempt by the company to build a vehicle for the niche market where people love to ride over rough surfaces without compromising on their comfort or safety. If you are a road driving enthusiast and a speed freak, then you can opt for a second hand Hummer car.

Big Boy Toyz - A Trusted Place to Buy a Pre-owned Hummer Car

Powerful, capable and superbly luxurious are the terms that you associate with a Hummer car. However, buying a Hummer is not an easy proposition. You have to shell out an exorbitant amount to own a Hummer. However, if you wish to buy a Hummer at a very low cost, then we suggest that you should go to the used luxury car dealer who will sell it to you at a very reasonable price.

One such dealer in the city of Chandigarh is the Big Boy Toyz. Here you will get certified pre-owned Hummer cars with a limited period warranty. Here are some listed used Hummer beauties at our showroom:

  • H2

    - It is a luxury SUV that reminds us of its ancestor H1. It is one such SUV that can serve you as a luxurious family car alongside being a brilliant companion for off-roading.
  • H3

    - Smaller than H2, this mid-sized SUV comes loaded with ample number of safety and luxury gears and features to make your ride memorable and comfortable.

Second Hand Hummer cars - No Need to Compromise on quality

We at Big Boy Toyz never compromise on the quality of the cars that we sell through our showrooms. All the second hand Hummer cars in our inventory are thoroughly checked before they are sold to the clients. Therefore, whenever you buy a car from us you get an assured quality product.

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