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  1. Hummer
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Looking to buy a used Hummer car ? Well, look no more…

Hummer is a luxury car that stands for big, power and design. It looks strong as a tree trunk and gives you a strong feeling too. Get a used Hummer and embark on an experience of power and elegance. Take a gander at our collection and choose the right Hummer used car for yourself.

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Hummer car

When you see a Hummer, you know you are seeing a Beauty and the Beast. Initially, Hummer was thought to be a model that would serve only as a military vehicle. It was only in the 1980s that AM General decided to bring out a civilian version of Hummer. Interestingly, the idea came after the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger persisted that AM General should make a civilian model when he saw a military convoy while filming for one of his movies. Hummer cars are everyone’s favorite and it’s quite popular in the market of cars in India. Hummer India has bedazzled its competitors by the power, elegance and body design of this luxury car.

Treasury of second hand Hummer cars

Hummer is a miracle that happens once in many years and definitely, it’s “Like Nothing Else”. Hummer cars are both big and bulky when compared to other luxury cars. Therefore, it would take a huge amount of money for an individual to purchase a Hummer Car. But your dream of owning this beast can come true if you decide to buy a used Hummer. The right place for you is Big Boy Toyz in Delhi, a one stop shop to buy pre-owned luxury cars. Your pre-owned Hummer will not be compromised on quality. Also, we at Big Boy Toyz make sure that all our customers get their favorite models at the best prices.

For Hummer, Big Boy Toyz offers the following models:

  • H2

    - A full-size SUV, H2 is a front engine four wheel drive. A giant on road, H2 also serves as an off-road vehicle. It offers features like cruise control, dual memory system, heated rear and front seats and much more. One of the most stylish and efficient four wheels in the world continues to be Hummer H2 SUV. It literally belongs to a class of its own with an unprecedented SUV body line. Driven by a large 6162cc with a maximum capacity of 393 bhp at 5700 rpm and with a maximum torque of 563 Nm, @ 4300 rpm. The Monster SUV takes 8.20 seconds to reach 0-100 kmph. Approx mileage of 5-6 kmpl.
  • H3

    - A mid-size SUV, H3 is the smallest of all the Hummer made till now and the only one to be built by General Motors. As a four wheel drive system, H3 can serve as both on-road and off-road vehicle. H3 is equipped with safety features like Electronic Stability Control, Side-curtain airbags, brake-controlled traction control and much more. The Hummer H3 SUV is renowned for its huge brand name. It comes in a stunning aggressive design. A powerful 3700cc max is given by Hummer H3 engine. A 239 BHP @ 5800 rpm power and 326 Nm @ 4600 rpm.  The Indian cricketer MS Dhoni recently put his picture of Hummer on Twitter which made the brand more popular.

If not first, then a pre-owned Hummer for sure!

Owning a Hummer has been every boy’s dream, but not all turn this dream into a reality. With Big Boy Toyz, however, it’s very much possible where owning a pre-owned and pre-loved Hummer is made easy not only for the residents of Delhi NCR but for all. Keeping the quality in mind, the experts' team here makes sure that the used cars put out for sale undergo rigorous checking and are well certified and verified.

Hummer is a brand of excellence, power and comfort. It doesn’t matter if you buy a new Hummer or used Hummer(pre-owned Hummer) it never fails to give you an unbelievably amazing experience. It attracts a lot of minds because of its design and power. So if you’re getting a used Hummer provided to you by BBT, we assure you that you’re making the best choice.

Someone said – Money can’t buy happiness but little did they know that it can certainly buy enough to ensure luxury and comfort. So, visit the pre-owned luxury cars showroom in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and other major cities and go home with your own Hummer and embark on a beautiful journey with the luxurious used Hummer.

A trusted brand such as Hummer needs a trusted used car dealership like BBT

When investing your money on a used luxury car, it is crucial that it is worth every penny. So you have the feeling that your money is well spent. That is why we at BBT value your money ad make your purchase experience of pre-owned Hummer a smooth and satisfying process. We provide you with Hummer used cars in a pristine condition because BBT never compromises on quality. As Hummer is a well-trusted brand for a luxury car, so is BBT for providing used luxury cars at reasonable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest BBT showroom today and drive home excellence.

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