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Volkswagen’s premium class – Phaeton is the shining star in actual sense

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  • 2011 Used Volkswagen Phaeton
    Volkswagen Phaeton
    • Model 2011
    • KMS 21500
    • Fuel Type Petrol

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An uber-saloon with not much swagger, but a lot of substance – the Phaeton from Volkswagen is the perfect luxury sedan for those who don’t like to shout their arrival from rooftops. The sedan is a study in an understated elegance, which has the typical German build quality and luxury and is a preferred choice for those who love the luxury of passenger seats.

Derived from the Greek god, Phaethon, Volkswagen Phaeton carries the legacy of the phaeton auto body style as well as the horse-drawn carriage. Its production started in the year 2002 and since then the saloon is doing at it best to create a niche for itself in the presence of the strong contenders – Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In fact, the main idea behind the introduction of Phaeton was to give Mercedes-Benz a strong competition who was trying to get hold of the middle-class market by introducing its low-cost A-class. VW faced the direct competition from the likes of Audi A8, but the intention behind Phaeton was to provide the customers a comfort-dedicated limousine just like Lexus LS and Mercedes-Benz S-class.

Pre-owned Volkswagen Phaeton for Fanatics – The Sale is ON!

Volkswagen Phaeton has been a dream car for many owing to the fact that it is the ‘premium class’ vehicle from the production house of the German carmaker. The car has been discontinued from the market from March 2016 and the company is planning to introduce an all-electric second generation to bridge the gap.

Phaeton has gone through many changes since the year of its birth and in the year 2011, it got a new front fascia that resembles a lot in styling to the Golf Mk VI. The car comes with air suspension to smoothen out those rough road surfaces and has adjustable damping rates to suit different road surfaces. The interior has space for seat five and boasts top notch seats which offer good amount of support, superb noise isolation, and climate control system to fine tune the temperature according to the taste of passengers.

Having said that, we know that owning a brand new Volkswagen Phaeton is not that easy considering its heavy price tag and more over that, its non-availability in the market. In such case, you can treat it to be one amongst the vintage cars and the only place to find such enticing beauties is the used car market. However, again trusting just any dealer to get hold of the pre-owned Volkswagen Phaeton up for sale is not that easy as not all can guarantee the quality and performance of the vehicle until you are making a purchase from an authorized and trusted dealer. One such big shot in the used cars market is the Big Boy Toyz, based in Delhi NCR, which is currently the leading player in the pre-owned luxury cars market in India and is offering cars at best prices, depending upon the kilometers driven and the year of production.

Are you Ready? Second Hand Volkswagen Phaeton on your Way!

The world of second-hand luxury cars is vast and finding the right buyer or seller for a second hand Volkswagen Phaeton is a tedious task, however, Big Boy Toyz is a name you can put your trust on blindly. We make sure to verify and certify each and every model of every brand from the authorized bodies before putting them up for sale so as to assure on quality and deliverance of performance by the vehicle. So we ensure to deliver quality in every aspect, including our after sales services and assistance in financing your vehicle. Also, at our Sultanpur, Delhi, based boutique offers zero kilometer driven premium luxuries at the price of a pre-owned one. However, before you make the big decision of buying a used Volkswagen Phaeton car, let’s give you enough reasons for why having this elegant beauty matters the most:

Unique Features

Luxurious Interiors - It is not a Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t mean the interior is anything short of luxury. There are acres of finest quality wood and leather, the best to grace any Volkswagen cabin, and the car is so solidly put that it will take years of abuse to show even the shortest hint of wear and tear. The switches are damped perfectly and there is no apparent part sharing with other lower models.

Space - It is not an exaggeration to say the Phaeton has acres of space inside – the standard version has one of the roomiest cabins around and the long wheel base version, literally have a football field wide rear leg room. The car offers a massive 500-litre boot, and in this car, however hard you may try, you will not be rubbing the shoulders and knees with your co-passengers.

The Drive - It is a luxury limo, but get behind the wheel, attack a corner and you will soon forget that you are lugging a car close to 2,400 kg weight. The platform, Volkswagen Group D1 platform, is shared with Bentley Continental and is a competent handler around the corners and on the straights.

The Gearbox - The car is powered by a 3.6-liter petrol engine and a 3.0-liter diesel mill and is mated to a 6-speed DSG. The gearbox compliments the ride along with the engine and is a great partner while wafting around in luxury. The gear lever is old school, clad in finest quality wood and leather, and is a pleasure to hold.

These features are just the glimpse of what the actual Volkswagen Phaeton is as some feelings can’t be expressed in words but can be felt and driving a Phaeton is one such extraordinary feeling that you will never want to miss in your life. So tighten your seatbelt and drive into the exotic world of VW with the Phaeton as your partner!