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Timeless and iconic, Rolls-Royce Phantom is the essence of the marque

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  • 2009 Used Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe
    Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe
    • Model 2009
    • KMS 21500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
    Rolls Royce Ghost
    • Model 2011
    • KMS 12600
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2008 Used Rolls-Royce Phantom
    Rolls-Royce Phantom
    • Model 2008
    • KMS 5500
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2005 used Rolls Royce Phantom
    Rolls Royce Phantom
    • Model 2005
    • KMS 29000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2008 Used Rolls Royce Phantom
    Rolls Royce Phantom
    • Model 2008
    • KMS 18000
    • Fuel Type Petrol
  • 2007 Used Rolls Royce Phantom
    Rolls Royce Phantom
    • Model 2007
    • KMS 24000
    • Fuel Type Petrol

Rolls-Royce car Models

  • Ghost

  • Phantom

The Phantom is the flagship offering from Rolls-Royce and is the final word in bespoke luxury. True to the ethos of the marque, the car offers unparalleled choice in customizing according to your tastes and is the result of the desire to create the best car in the world. With an authoritative presence in the market, the Phantom series is enveloped in the contemporary opulence. The modern features and the capacity to customize even the finest of details perfectly complement its signature look. With the desire and dream to rule the market with the best car of the world, Rolls-Royce has gifted us with Phantom that is the result of the engineering freedom and complete creativeness.

Pre-owned Rolls-Royce Phantom – Not a Car but an Opportunity

You can see Rolls-Royce Phantom in this way – A timeless analysis of modern premium luxury car. Living up to the legendary presence of Rolls-Royce, the Phantom represents the state-of-the-art technology and features, powerful attitude and classical proportions. The powerful engine delivers performance and speed effortlessly and being behind the wheels of Phantom feels like riding a magical carpet and what more is required? Rolls-Royce Phantom is the perfect representation of your style and expression but owning this beauty is not at all budget friendly.

The brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom will cost you a hell lot of amount but what if you get the chance to own a pre-owned Rolls-Royce Phantom car at the best price? Don’t get scared with the word pre-owned or used as the second-hand car market in India is flourishing at a good pace and with a lot of players working in the field, the chances of getting a better deal are always high. But putting your trust on any dealer is also not easy and right and hence you end up running from pillar to post to find the deal of your choice and that too from an approved and authorized dealer.

Delhi NCR based Big Boy Toyz, the leading player in the second-hand luxury car market, is the ultimate solution for your problem. Each car, before being put up for sale, goes through a rigorous process of checking to make sure that you get the performance and speed uncompromised. Also, the cars displayed at the showroom are completely verified and certified by the authorized bodies so as to make the dealing fair and satisfactory. So either you are planning to buy a used BMW X5 or a second-hand Rolls-Royce Phantom, your preference and need will always be our priority.

Second Hand Rolls-Royce Phantom up for Sale – A Chance not to Leave

The design of Phantom is the signature of Rolls-Royce, that is, timeless design coupled with commanding presence achieved with the help of iconic proportions. The car incorporates cutting edge technologies and provides the hallmark magic carpet ride irrespective of the irregularities on the road. The Phantom is available in four different body styles – regular, extended wheel base, coupe and drophead coupe. But before you make up your mind to buy the used Rolls-Royce Phantom car, we would like you to supplement with enough of reasons to support your smart decision. So let’s check out some of the unique characteristics of the Phantom that makes it a Rolls-Royce blood in the true sense:

Tailored to your Taste - Each Phantom is hand built to the exact specification of the owner at Goodwood and anything and everything – from minute detail touches to full surface finishes – can be customized to meet the owner’s whims and fancies. The owner can work with the bespoke team and they will help to visualize the ideas and once it is finalized, the artists at Goodwood will start building the car.

Perfection - Look how hard you may, you will not find a detail out of space, a stitch out of line, a veneer not matching – the effort which goes in to make each Phantom is commendable. The leather work is hand stitched and the wood goes through a month of preparations before it can be used in the car. Each piece of wood is matched to create a mirror image of the grain in the center of the dashboard. The leather is hand fashioned using fishbone (a traditional tool) and each phantom uses up to 450 individual pieces of leather. So if you are stuck in the massive jams on Delhi roads or other metropolitan cities, sitting for long hours at the comfort of Rolls-Royce won't bother you at all.

Interior - How would you like to be greeted by the best and most luxurious interior every time you open the door – that is what the Phantom promises the occupants every time they get in. Luxurious real lamb wool carpets, soft leather-clad seats, matched veneer, heated seats, the flat floor at the rear, cleverly concealed umbrellas on each rear door – each Phantom interior is luxury personified.

Status - The Rolls-Royce Phantom adheres to the classic 2:1 wheel to the body is to height ratio and the long wheelbase and long bonnet give the car a powerful stance. The commanding presence of the car is complimented by the elevated body lines and the curve of the roofline. The Spirit of Ecstasy and the classic Rolls-Royce Grill gives the car a road presence like no other.

Happy to know that your choice stands out from the mob of commoners! So what are you waiting for? Just grab the opportunity to own the second-hand Rolls-Royce Phantom up for sale before someone else snatches the chances right from your hand.