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  1. 5 Best Movie Car Stunts That Will Make Your Head Spin

5 Best Movie Car Stunts That Will Make Your Head Spin

25th January 2017
5 Best Movie Car Stunts That Will Make Your Head Spin

“If you are willing to chase me, I promise I will run slow.”

We all love watching movies, don’t we? Another fact that we can’t deny is our fascination for speed and thrill. Oh no, here by ‘we’ we mean car junkies! And for us, nothing can be a better entertainer than a movie with cars all around. And… if a movie has cars, it’s obvious to expect some nerve chilling stunt scenes. Of course, it’s not unfair to demand!

By now, you must have collected the memories of some of the best movie cars you may have witnessed. But remember, the best stunts in movies are not only about the cinematic effects, the graphics or explosions that they employ, it’s the swag of the driver that equally counts.

1. The Man With The Golden Gun

“You’re not going to take this”

“I sure am boy”

Come on! Who would ever forget that freaking 360 degree spiral car jump? James Bond is quite popular for his association with some of the top-notch supercars in his movies and “The Man With The Golden Gun” probably occupies the numero-uno position in the entire franchise of 007. Enjoy the clip!

source -Youtube

Didn’t the red AMC Hornet make you drop your jaws with its perfect landing after doing a 360-degree circle in the air?

2. Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

Talking about car stunts and not mentioning the unforgettable spiral drift of the Nissan 350Z would be an irredeemable mistake. How beautifully does the Nissan rip up a spiral-shaped parking garage passage, performed by the professional drift driver, Rhys Millen! The scene is simply a treat to the eyes where the tail of the 350Z was always an inch away from the wall of the concrete ramp. Here’s the majestic glimpse:

source -Youtube

Though the complete ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise is full of car actions, the above one needs special mention purely because of ultimate driving skills involved in the scene.

3.The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers must have been the all time favorite for many of us, not only for the wittiness and escaping power of the Blues Brothers’ but also because of the car stunts and crashes involved. Though there are many stunts in both the parts, the original movie of 1980 needs a special mention. The epic back flip by the Bluesmobile is not the only reason for it being in the list but also the classic jump and fall of the police car. We don’t know if you like the expression of the cop but we simply loved it! Have a look:

source -Youtube

Another car stunt or better to say cars crash that deserves to be discussed while talking about The Blues Brothers is:

source -Youtube

Do you know how many cars were killed for this sequel released in 2000? 104

P.S. – Don’t question the science behind it!

4. Tomorrow Never Dies

Another James Bond movie in the list shouldn’t have shocked you knowing his love for cars. The movie Tomorrow Never Dies served a delicious meal of James Bond… special gadgets… and a smart car on one platter. And when you have BMW at your service, you are a ONE MAN ARMY. Don’t believe our words? Well, after watching this scene you shall not deny either.

source -Youtube

5. Bad Boys 2

So the 2004 World Stunt Award for the Best Work with Vehicle winning movie, Bad Boys 2, has made its way to the list. One of the craziest and loudest action movies of the cinema world, Bad Boys 2 is more dangerous, expensive and irresponsible in every possible manner than its original. The car chase scene is what makes this movie complete, living up to the name it has – Bad Boys. And here comes the video:

source -Youtube

This scene surely would have given you goose bumps, didn’t it?

We are not denying the fact that there are other action movies that deserve to be ranked in the series but it’s impossible to rank them all. If you think of any movie car stunt that needs a special mention, do share in the comments section below.



Best Movie Car Stunts

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