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  1. Live the Roads with the New Jaguar Land Rover Discovery!

Live the Roads with the New Jaguar Land Rover Discovery!

19th January 2016
Live the Roads with the New Jaguar Land Rover Discovery!

Land Rover is a premium SUV brand, whose high-end vehicles are dear to its customers. These SUVs are able and competent beyond doubt. The new Land Rover Discovery is an addition to its awesomeness. This car is a gift to those who love the adventurous forests. What are you waiting for? Get together with your friends and go full throttle on the road with this admirable beast! It is going to be a ride of a lifetime in the new Land Rover Discovery!

It is of little wonder that the car has been doing great in the market right since its launch. It is indeed amazing to be driving this new vehicle. It doesn't fail to give you the feels, as it is made of the finest of elements of nature and hence, handling it through the forests, the highways and the mountainous terrains is going to be a pleasure of its own kind.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it can't scourge through the roads of the city with equal grace. While it takes you for a wild ride, it doesn't compromise on your comfort. If you have a big group of friends, then this is the car for you.

So long you have been fighting for the window seat like kids; OR have been taking turns for the window seat. Discovery propagates the true power of discovering and hence, each and every person seated in the car gets a standard view of the surroundings. Not only that, for the modern bred, it has a bunch of technological features that will keep them busy during the ride. Thus, everyone can relax and have a joy ride in this beauty!

It is a car that easily stands out – visually – and is better than the best – technologically. What more would a car lover want? It doesn't fails to make a statement at any given point. While it has been styled in-keeping with the trends of today, it doesn't compromise on any front. The regular CHARISMA of a Land Rover has very much been retained.

Some of the coolest basic features of this car are as follows-

1. 7 seats including driver's
2. Luggage Space
3. 3500 kgs in Towing

Thus, Discovery takes care of all your needs and touches your heart in ways you will never imagine. Switching from a smooth highway to a rough road? Switch your controls with the press of a button and enjoy your ride! The following components of your drive shall change as you make the switch -

1. The Engine
2. Transmitter
3. Throttle
4. Traction

The new Land Rover Discovery can travel on absolutely any road. From snow clad mountains to muddy and marshy roads, this car can take it all. It was built to be TOUGH! Driving the beast is an experience that will remain close to your heart forever.

This new entrant gives a new meaning to "making a difference". It goes an extra mile to ensure that all its patrons have a smooth ride. For starters, you can adjust the air suspension without any hassles. This easily makes for extra comfort. You can lower or raise the suspensions as per your liking.

It also makes parking a cakewalk. It has the following controls that allow you to park more easily -

1. Rear View Camera
2. Provision of distance control while parking

Your comfort has been thought of not just while driving the car but also while towing. The trailer of the car can be stabilized during the tow so as to make the whole process an effortless one. So, if, at all, there is an identification of swaying, it is adjusted to accuracy through the use of brakes and throttles.

Thus, this car is ahead of itself in both design as well as technology. The front lights are nostalgic from the Land Rover series combined with a modern day bumper and mirror. One look at this beauty and you'd fall for it!

The drive after the glance is going to floor you completely. The specifications of Discovery are second to none. With a fuel consumption of 9-litres for every 100Kms, it's a hell of a beast. And why shouldn't it be? Its SDV6 diesel engine has a 3-litre capacity.

If the engine didn't roar loudly enough, it has a luggage space of more than 2500-litres when the rear seats are folded. So, you can carry as many things as you like when travelling. It is a good 310mm above the ground along with an air suspension and an option to manual lift.

It has quite a few interesting options and accessories apart from these. The Land Rover Discovery is a class apart. It is going to take you miles and miles deep into the woods!

Thus, on a whole combining specifications and design along with comfort and drive, this car is a clear WINNER. It definitely couldn't get better than that.


Land Rover Discovery

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