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  1. Jaguar F Type S Convertible: The Red Salsa

Jaguar F Type S Convertible: The Red Salsa

12th February 2018
Jaguar F Type S Convertible: The Red Salsa

“When I first saw you, you took my breath away.”

Whizzing past like the dickens on the “next world” Autobahn, our automotive lineament showed its true colors as the eagle eyes quickly jumped to the occasion, for ratifying the guesswork that what exactly did we see.
It is not every day that a momentous machine so up and close embroils you in a series of “take a back” reactions.

That’s a reflex action! Trust us, when a striking Jaguar F Type Convertible woos you with its one of a kind pulchritude that of course gets the desired grandiloquent themes of description in whoopers.

It’s not a living thing at the end of the day but you won’t mind being involved in an inveterate affiliation with the Brit which will steadily re affirm the deep rooted emotions you possess for it.

Built with a daring conviction in mind that sets a well -accepted practice to outclass even the toughest!
That was exactly the pre conceived notion when the covers were unfurled on the grand successor of the E Type, the stunning F Type.

Imbibing the best of acumen, wisdom and insight of Jaguar’s design director, Ian Callum, the new comer in its convertible form merits a purposeful ‘Avant Garde’ appellation for there’s every reason to get engulfed in the impressive levels of ingenuity and flair by its exterior design that fortifies a strong legacy together with being a source of inspiration which spurs a host of novel ideas for the pioneering creations signifying milestones for the sage English heads.

Those thought provoking frilly LEDs will….will do the peacocking rather well for you to have any second doubts.
The soft top in motion too!

What being the real upshot is the F Type’s roughhew sculpture that stream rolls effortlessly on your senses!

No words to describe its phenomenal cabin! Sit in it and savor some of the fine moments that life ever has to offer you. Did the British make way for enough adjectives to do the honors?
So what have we got here?

The grandiose of the seats feels exceptionally good while the knack to get acquainted with the responsive color touch screen is parallel to a steam practice of getting it right the very first time.

A dose of selfhood does emancipate on experimenting with the configurable ambient lighting (a part of the personalization magic, truly!) that does wonders to the already superlative stay within. There’s more to go with the nimble witted central console and dashboard’s appearance that prove to be an added feather in the cap.

The steering’s tactility is the best in business! Ah! One can solely pinpoint it to be the reason for the overwhelmed elations in bid to derive that cream of the crop regality and nobility.
And we have certainly not forgotten the extraordinary 380W Meridian Sound System that merits a rock n roll gig on board.

F Type’s interior has an electrifying tone rising from the jazzy titbits that play their part to justify the splendid earmark which puts Jaguar in a self- regard mode of doing what nots.

There’s a rise and shine of the sensational enthusiasm on hearing the baritone of the powerhouse 3litre V6 Supercharged petrol motor that casts out a healthy 380PS of power with valor and potency for the brave hearted.

And of course the moxie and dauntless quality of the leaping cat is surely reflected the way the motor executes its able bodied and “in fine feather” trait of being at the forefront of an unyielding display of miracles and rarities to be honest.

source - youtube

Admiration for the 8 speed quick shift gearbox then! In jillions we say! Wait to experience its “on one’s side” stance on a race track that will put an end to your fault finding habits.

The cat’s handiness and aptness to master the corners with precision is a thing to feast upon for the daredevilry skills to get highlighted with self- glorification.
The F Type’s got plenty load of reasons to make you smile with its eggheaded steering feel that….that is like a companion for your yearning expeditions as it tweaks its approach for a positive folklore to follow highlighting its tremendous feedback traits.

source - youtube

High five for the Active Sport Exhaust which is at the pinnacle of a scintillating roaring bliss and very well takes a garland of admirations for a symphonic exudation!
Savor the ‘coming on strong’ feeling with the gumptious Dynamic mode that possesses a host of happening revelations (for the frenetic racer boys) that gets the Jag two steps closer to your heart.
The F Type looms with an uncanny and exceptional aura with the leaping cat’s supreme badge adding the grandiose flavor, much to your liking when it hurriedly motions down your favorite tarmac aping a superhero in action.

source - goauto

Doing justice to your expeditiousness carry outs is Jaguar’s adaptive Dynamics which is at the centre stage of bringing the energetic Brit in tune with your driving style.
How it analyses the vital metrics such as cornering, and car body’s movement, kickdown and tarmac conditions through a crackerjack on board software that then significantly gives its best shot to alter the damping conditions is of course worth a big applause.

source - 4.bp.blogspot

You can certainly and definitely negate the negative winds of change ….courtesy the Limited Slip Differential that steps up at the blink of an eye to steadfastly manage the beast around the tightest of corners and aid for the best traction and gripping ever possible.
At the end of the day, there’s everything to cheer about with the whimsical F Type S Convertible, the way it looks, feels and drives incredibly!

source - 4.bp.blogspot

There is always something new to explore as the vigorous and energetic Jaguar enjoys a reserved status in your list of gratifications and the temptation to be one with it, truly being unparalleled.

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