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  1. Jaguar F-Type - Sensational, Speedy & Agile

Jaguar F-Type - Sensational, Speedy & Agile

04th January 2016
Jaguar F-Type - Sensational, Speedy & Agile


Jaguar has been one of the brands famous for its lavish cars with tons of power, but limited in availability. There were only 2 models of Jaguar namely XF and XJ before the addition of moderately priced XE. However, it was not enough for the company to stay in hunt while other manufactures like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lexus, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi were launching back to back sports car to hold the grip of market.

Then arrived the need of a sports car which not only runs and looks like a super car but holds the very effective DNA of Jaguar's handling, precision, comfort and agility and that gave the birth to all new Jaguar F-Type.

The car is not short of any feature than its contemporaries, its powerful hear gives the sensations of agility with utmost speed at all levels. Completing the looks are the exotic aesthetics, comfort rich interiors and a special sporty exhaust with standalone driving dynamics.

Well that being said, the transmission is also a part that requires attentions for delivering wind chasing experience right from the start with a provision for dynamic launch mode. Manufactured to take the sports car world apart, Jaguar F-Type is surely an epic piece of engineering and a perfect blend of style, speed, power and comfort.

Let's take a virtual tour about it all around:

The Supercharged Heart

Famous since the dawn for its supercharged induction technology and mighty engine, Jaguar has packed F-Type with two options that gives a sense of cruising and speeding right from the moment you push the start button.

These supercharged hearts carries the specs of 3.0 Litre V6 and 5.0 Litre V8 churning out power of 250Kw and 280Kw for former and 405Kw for the latter. These engines borne the legacy of Jaguar with ecstatic performance from the beginning and take the road driving experience to a whole new level.

Super Sensitive Gearbox

Cars has definitely evolved but the trend of agility, precised handling and essence of smoother power shift set by the Jaguars over the time made the developers think hard for this all new F-Type.

There was need of a gearbox which not only delivers power effectively but also must respond in a jiffy. And, the need has been fulfilled by ZF 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox with super sensitive response.

This car part takes F-Type to 0-100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds minimum and 4.1 seconds maximum for all all-wheel drive option. Even the top speed ranges from 265 km/h to 300 km/h and it surely is top of the class, at least on Indian roads.

Exotic Exteriors

Nothing can beat Jaguar F-Type in terms of aesthetics if you're discussing about a coupe or a convertible. The perfectly sculptured looks developed by state-of-art engineering and Jaguar's next gen design theory, F-Type seems to have left nothing behind but itself when passed through the roads.

Completing the looks are sweptback bi-function HID Xenon headlamps, to die for side curves, LED headlights, panoramic roof, deployable door handles and twin exhaust. And, if you're not happy with regular aluminium glass roof, Jaguar has glass and carbon fibre roof options available right in front on you.

Never Before Experienced Interior Comfort

Being a British car, Jaguar has always been very classy and retro with interiors having perfect blend of modern amenities and gadgets keeping driver in focus all the time. This new F-Type is also not an exception when it comes to interiors as it has the most comfortable seat you'll get to sit along with neatly placed gadgets and retro instrument cluster.

The need of personalisation has also been taken care off with many trim packs on offer as per the buyer's need and requirements. The new F-Type is also compatible with current generation media and entertainment devices available in car to keep the trip entertained enough.

Fast Yet Safe

Every sports car maker has to keep its thinking cap on while designing a vehicle to ensure that passengers stay safe at high speeds. Well, I must say that Jaguar has left all its counterparts behind in safety with features it has made available in F-Type.

Starting with Reverse Parking Camera and roll over protection bars behind seats, the list of safety features goes as followed:

Automatic high beam that adjusts according to the terrain and traffic with the help of a sensor mounted on the bonnet.

Advance pedestrian system to save them from hitting the hard points and rear traffic warning.

4 Airbags with intelligent seat belts tightening in case of emergency braking and emergency brakes applying force to stop the car with respect to the force applied on brake paddle.

Apart form above, the superlight aluminium structure is also tested under harshest conditions possible for crash and other mishaps, and has emerged as one of the safest ones.

Let's Conclude

You could talk about Jaguar F-Type all day long and yet the features won't get complete, but the talk would surely make you fall for this sports car by lavishest of companies of current era. There's nothing you could ask more from the makers of F-Type, even the name is one of its kind.

The power it generates, the response it gives, the agility it offers, the acceleration is produces, the top speed it cruises with, the looks it carries, the comfort it provides and the safety it ensures are comparable to to none.

Overall, the all new Jaguar F-Type is an epic saga of engineering for those who wish to talk with wind while driving with their cockpit offering them richest of features and the aesthetics making an style statement everywhere it passes from.


Jaguar F-Type

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