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  1. Inside Bugatti Chiron: The Beast that is Hollow from the Inside!

Inside Bugatti Chiron: The Beast that is Hollow from the Inside!

25th October 2017
Inside Bugatti Chiron: The Beast that is Hollow from the Inside!

Not perfectly hollow, but seriously not worth the hype!

I rode it to explicitly test this baby’s driving strength, except for some astonishing facts (Not a big deal comparing to the money that went in), I find it plainly stupid to even talk about it, so, why are you here?
Navigate away right now!


I knew you won’t without knowing the facts behind my superficial claim!

Number Game

1500 hp, 261 mph, 0.8 litre W16 engine, and, 1180 lb of torque all for a pennywise amount of $3 million! What is it worth is not worth to discuss at all citing the game of cars that is beyond the comprehensive capability of our mindsets, but you just wouldn’t accept it, so here are the facts about its nearest competitor Koenigsegg Regera.

Koenigsegg Regera.source - koenigsegg

Going Full Throttle is Pleasure and Pain

Inside Bugatti Chironsource - pop.h-cdn

Ok I get it, it’s most certainly a plus point! But, do you want to give this much just to experience that? Try buying a roadside Kulfi and experience the similar feeling in 25 bucks when a dog snatches it from your hand and runs away! Gets me everytime!
Some even termed the experience even nauseatingly addictive! (The previous one obviously, not the Kulfi wala, although I feel it’s quite the same, exhilarating, addictive and, ultimately leaves you asking for more!)

It’s Quite Easy to Drive

That’s a major downside of Volkswagon Bugatti as the guy sitting right next to you who has been driving Wagon-R all his life can take this baby for spin without absolutely no professional training! The difference between elite and ordinary has just been filled up which is why it can never be about driving experience anymore! What supercars should be about is the rawness and animalistic feel that comes tagging along with the beastie, besides, it is utmost safe, so the fear of excitement never clocks at the top level!

Now, I love Bugatti, so what should I do?

Buy the combo of Bugatti Chiron engine and gearbox at just $9300 to make your calendar great and your days even better! Ultimately, it’s power that you want not the gibberish slurs people swamp around boasting about looks and style! You can find more details about the offering, here!

Who’s got the time to think about compatibility and dimensions? I don’t!

Well, I would definitely suggest you not to when you have brands of the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini right at your disposal!
Speed, checked!
Sportiness, checked!
Budget, checked!
BBT, unvisited…..yet!


Bugatti Chiron, Inside Bugatti Chiron

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Ishaan Chakarvarti

but the record was broken by koenigsegg agera RS


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