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  1. Aston Martin Rapide Review Legend Relived

Aston Martin Rapide Review Legend Relived

22nd March 2017
Aston Martin Rapide Review Legend Relived

The London Car Museum had us enchanted!

We felt privileged and enriched after having had a glimpse of the vintage cars and respected agnames of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Making our way back to the hotel gallery, the beautiful plush country side had us enthralled.

We happened to chance upon a rare black beauty, the Aston Martin Rapide and this was an added bonus to our weathered eye idiosyncrasy.

Not to be satisfied with a casual and curious glance, we took our time to study and inspect the car closely.

To begin with.......

One of the Most Tempting External appearances

the Aston Martin Rapidesource - drivesw.pulseight

The proficient and tactful exemplification of voluptuous edges on this enormous four door inventive along with the handsome sloping roofline makes way for the alluring grand silhouette and can be truly regarded as the artwork of a connoisseur of automobiles.

The majestic paintwork is worth meriting a 'thousand and one' pats on the back for over the top embellishments to the spicy Brit.

the Aston Martin Rapide

Beginning with the front look, the broad and exquisite triangular bonnet gets the attentive big time observing for starters .

The unexampled skillfulness has been vividly exemplified in the headlamp housing and you would really desire for a picturesque shot of the attractive turn indicators( when in alacrity) in the form of a vertical orange string that are placed on the inner side unfalteringly.

 The tantalizing aluminum grille in the centre is a definite looker of all sorts together with that legendary Aston emblem being neatly inscribed above it that fetches unmatched appreciation.

In the case of this British icon, designers have guaranteed that they emphasize and reiterate the renowned heritage and traditional imitation, so what we get is an emphatic fusion of novelty and retro styling that is extremely alluring to glance at.

the 20 inch sparkle matt

Proceeding sideways, the 20 inch belle typic alloys exude a royal charm and elegance of their own.

The neat intricate detailing on the revered badge in the middlemost part speaks volumes of the artistic bent of mind of the tacky conceptualizers on board.


The Rapide’s humongous length complimented by the gracefully curved out wheel arches and that low hanging posture gives it that"out of the world" sportster cum extravagant tourer look.

The door handles are carved out in the most precise way and give you that regal feeling on merely touching them.

The beautifully sculpted subtile line gets more pronounced towards the rear and blends seamlessly with the raised decklid rear spoiler.

The sideways U molded light

The backside is where all drama is accentuated to an altogether different and exciting level!!!

The sideways U molded light quarter gives the perception of a horse shoe magnet and on a careful assessment you'll conclude their thoroughgoing contribution to Aston's wheel of fortune....... and of course that sleek silver chrome strip in the middle is a delight to admire.

The electrifying circular shaped fume channels exude action alongside adding to the exhilaration and fervor every time a man begins the motor of this brute.

Enticing Cabins of all time

Enticing Cabins of all time

Getting within is the best place to encounter flawless carefully assembled extravagance at its best!

Trust your instincts......

 The grandiose of the crystal key when held in your hands to the first string emanation from the stickling operations give the impression of the tinsel high stature and sophistication.

Segregate the seraphic Aston embossing on the seats for an absorbing taking in of the ceremonial crafting.

the interior feel
Keep augmenting the share of additives in Aston's oyster as it handily gifts the exclusive feeling of individuality on a platter.
Now turning to the cliquish ideals

The intuitive navigation screen that rises fastidiously from the top centre of the dashboard is a definite treat and along with its portrayal of crystal clear graphics, provides a further conclusive proof of the impeccable attention to detail philosophy.

The rear seats

The rear seats qualify as one of the best in class with all bells and whistles on offer such as the scrumptious looker screens, urbane letting, cup holders along with the brilliant up coming from the 1000w Bang & Olufsen system that adds its extra bit to the gratifying stay within.

supreme luxury and comfort

However tall individuals can grumble of absence of back headroom because of the declining roofline but again the extravagant feeling of being transported in this monster overrules every other grouse by the day's end.

The boot size is generous with an A+ tag of umpteen amenities to lend more area for storage in the process.

Even the back seats can be folded but that would be done on a rare occasion because this masterpiece is meant to make you travel in supreme luxury and comfort.

Under the hood and Driving Dynamics

Under the hood and Driving Dynamicssource - panoramio

Bringing one’s attention to the principle heart of this mammoth beast, a colossal and mighty 6 litre V12 motor communicates its thrilling nature clearly from the very start with an immense 477 bhp and earth shattering 600 Nm of torque, along with the 6 speed touchtronic 2 transmission playing the role of a sincere companion.

Aston Martin Rapide source - ausmotive

The motor comes across as one of the plush and able cruisers hiding all its raw and abundant power within but when one has the mood to go wild and berserk, it satisfies that too.

The quickening is rapid with a 0-100kmph timing of 5.3 seconds and a top speed close to 296 km/hr.

source - youtube

The power train’s refined clamor, on pressing one’s right foot is astonishingly delightful to hear along with letting free the insane acceleration capability of this machine.

Aston Martin Rapide source - ausmotive

The Aston Martin truly comes out on top and redefines driving dynamics while setting unique benchmarks in the segment. One can’t even feel the excess length of the car around tight bends because once inside, it doesn’t let you get traumatized by its imperial exterior overhangs .

The steering is a good sorted communicative lad contributing to the share of expressed realizations.

Aston Martin Rapide source - ausmotive

The exuberant style in which this plush tourer radiates it's on road mannerisms is really amazing, particularly that of a beast incarnate.

This Aston can gather serious momentum and going with that is the superb checking and scouting tactic done by the ESP and limited slip differential that keep you wary of the frenzied unwanted happenings on the move!!! 

 And for the special occasions when you need to let off that inherent raw unadultered power on your favourite race track, you are most welcome to press the SPORT button that unleashes an enthusiastic thrust and sees the Aston  transcend to an irresistible and tempting work of art involved in some electrifying display of heroics.

Aggressive acceleration, prompt gear shifting and a big smile on your face!

To keep the electronic aids out of the way and make way for a full blown unrestrained joy of your lifetime, a gung ho press on the DSC button is more than enough to add to the existing involvement and up the emotional feel with this Brit.

What is next on the list?

A prelude for the twists n turns and zig zagging all day long!

Now here's something that makes the Rapide even more special!

 The Adaptive Dampening system with its whole lot of tricks keep configuring the dampers according to the "in present affairs" although you would be finding yourself harmonized with the firmest setting for an incredible charge up to your hurried action sequels.

Well now we can bet that the Aston has made a place for itself in your heart!

Aston Martin as a legendary automotive brandsource - ausmotive

Summing it up, we want to state that Aston Martin as a legendary automotive brand gives a profound glimpse into the rich British Cultural legacy with the Rapide epitomizing it. It is a hypnotizing and a timeless piece that makes you want to claim it and park in your garage and presently this blissful moment can be experienced at Big Boy Toyz without a doubt.



Aston Martin Rapide Review

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