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  1. Maserati Gran Turismo 4.2 V8: The magnetizing piece

Maserati Gran Turismo 4.2 V8: The magnetizing piece

30th January 2018
Maserati Gran Turismo 4.2 V8: The magnetizing piece

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

“You very existence is the essence of our pleasure and contentment”

Walking past the gracious obsidian beauty hailing its origin from Italy, our nimble steps took to a “snail like progress” for the cognition to get acquainted with its sleek and “dressed to kill” architecture that already was at the helm of affairs.

Maserati Gran Turismo 4.2 V8

The staunch photography trait took a step forward to capture the impeccable contraption that stands in front of us, steady and resolute and the professing comes at the blink of an eye that the Maserati Gran Turismo is beyond shadow of a doubt, akin to a “greatest single work”.

Were we in our dreams or was this really a fact of an existence?

No we weren’t exactly fantasizing.

Maserati Gran Turismo

A mere finger touch on the Maserati which was handsomely dressed in an exquisite Nero black shade enlightened us of the reality that yes we have indeed been infatuated by the virtuosity of the creative heads at Modena who have excelled undeniably in giving birth to a trailblazer of all sorts, an icon that exudes a distinct ethereal feel with its sublime design cues.

The inundation of admiration, on course, for that mystique & shiny crystal clear Trident logo that has an eminent fame and tag attached to its individuality since ages!

Maserati 4.2 V8

Marriage is a worth defining relation of two souls, to the life -long commitments and an intent and vow to carry forward the beautiful affair till your last breath.

And it becomes even more interesting when love happens at first sight!

The Maserati Gran Turismo assuredly has ensnared us for good with the glaring bits on the outside it possesses which tempted us to unravel more on the elegant interior front.

the elegant interior Maserati Gran Turismo

“Open the grand doors of the Maserati GT only to be swayed by the splendid aura and ambience that evokes a magnetic attraction instantly.” For the first few worth defining seconds, the opulent Bordeaux interiors deserve an inflated praise but….but in a sophisticated way, much on the lines of Maserati.

the Maserati GT interior

The fine shades of meticulousness, generosity and the tender loving care aspects reflect thoroughly within the grand cabin of the GT which of course prolongs your stay within.

grand cabin of the GT

To start with the Trident insignia finds itself embellished with utmost care on the headrest of the well snugging seats which propels the regal emotion and not to miss the fastidious clock in the centre of the dashboard that has a unique charm of its own.
More certainly!

Maserati Gran Turismo the fastidious clock in the centre of the dashboard

The Maserati Multimedia System has bells and whistles aplenty to dig out the curious self in you for an all- encompassing exploration of the GT.

A boon for your ears while harboring the ecstatic holidaying within, the Maserati Fidelity sound elevates the contentment level notches above with its soothing let out of the heavy metal tracks aiding the joyful drive.

What’s under the hood and how the does it Drive?

4.2 V8 motor strivessource - moibbk

Mere moments turn extraordinary as the puissant naturally aspirated 4.2 V8 motor strives to unshackle a barrage of epochal masterstrokes courtesy its beastly performance. No sporadic stuff about that! We assure you wholeheartedly.

You won’t be involving yourself in any kind of kiss goodbye scenarios for the Maserati for any other exotic as the brisk 405bhp from the zesty engine will show its true colors to be a catalytic spark plug of the positive restless reactions!

source - youtube

Be startled with the GT’s staggering surge when it apes a shooting star together with the goodness of the tempestuous exhaust note.

The Maserati will surely sweep you off your feet on pressing the SPORT button on the dashboard which lends it an expeditious element to showcase its valiant attributes courageously. “That was something”, the exclamations surely follow as the GT’s undaunted character manifests clearly out in the open.

the GT’s staggering

The noteworthy 6 speed ZF auto isn’t only tuned for the ceremonial grand touring but is accustomed and can deliver exceedingly well for those “once in a moment” self- indulgent acts on a race track.

A word on the GT’s plush ride quality as the well informed Skyhook suspension system is up to task with its host of alterations on the damping front.

We did mention the Sport button just a while back!

Any function here as well?

And the party to the trick is that the dampers stiffen up considerably for the maniacal twists n turns with a bucket load of justifications to feast on the unbelievable flat outs.

The Maserati truly did it for us!

The Italian unwaveringly sits at the pinnacle of extravagance and lavishness and with it’s superfluity of the glittery, the GT easily comes forth as one of the most enticing possession of a lifetime.

source - youtube

One inevitably wants to get an emphatic experience of the classy Trident, the insignia which emanates its royalty and graciousness at one of the hottest super exotic car destinations, Big Boy Toyz.


Maserati GT 4.2 V8, Maserati Gran Turismo 4.2 V8

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Mayank Sood

Appreciative knowledge and details about the car.


Rahul Midha

Well described and it's enough to make someone lose in the beautiful world of Maserati!


Anchit Sachdeva

Well after reading all these numbers and specs, I so wish i could get my hands on one of these.


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