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  1. Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

13th April 2017
Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

How would a person feel if he is greeted by a Mercedes Benz on steroids?

We bet that it would have a charm & glory of its own set apart from the usual crowd of other three pointed stars that one generally encounters. We are talking of CLA 45 AMG, this being Mercedes' most practical & affordable posthaste machine for India.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - indianautosblog

On hearing the word AMG, a person gets reminded of a beast incarnate raring to unleash from the word go while going head- on with some of the M's & R's from BMW & Audi respectively. The little German brisk aper promises to offer a lot on every front and we at Big Boy Toyz are extremely excited to test it exhaustively and conclude that why at the end of the day, the CLA 45 AMG is the pick of the lot.

Family Look Exaggerated! Really

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

The Exterior part has a strong resemblance to the likes of the A Class & CLA as majority of the designing cues have been drawn from them.

But the CLA 45 AMG being a special treat from Mercedes is equipped with all the goodies along with the ostentatious bells & whistles to differentiate it from its run of the mill siblings.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

From the majestic dual slat grille with AMG inscription, neoteric loud shout LED lights, large front air intakes, flamboyant 5 dual 18 inch alloys, charming frameless doors, coupe like roofline, tapered boot, elegant rear diffuser & finally to the screaming dual quad exhausts, everything seems a superabundant wellspring for the catching unawares phenomena.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

The showstopper here is the continuous flow in which the roofline merges with the boot that gives a reminiscence of the CLS, which is sure to give this machine some serious attention on the road while cruising.

Getting the Inside Feel

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

On the Interior front, a sporty theme awaits one's arrival in style. Some of the finer bits do remind us of the A Class but this being in a league of its own, styling & aura has to make one feel special as conveyed by the price tag. It generates that pride & passion to take on any obstacle & challenge head on.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

The beautifully sculptured flat bottomed Alcantra trimmed AMG steering on touching makes you feel on top of the world. The red colored seat belts along with the matchmaking red stitching on all the four seats instill a racer element in one's soul for an experience to be reckoned with, when this machine is driven to its maximum potential.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

Sporty bucket seats on the front with heated function, accommodate you well along with being the real differentiating factor and consequently raising the opulence on the inside. There are no issues of being rolled around while taking hard corners at high speeds. The side bolstering snugs a person well within & even after driving the whole day, one does not complain of tiredness & fatigue.


Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - shifting-gears

The real on the house offerings are the tablet like screen for the Command system(with Navigation) & the stub shaped gear lever in the centre. The rear seat legroom & headroom space (due to the tapering roofline) are just about adequate but one tends to forget that when he is in the midst of sheer unadulterated & ballistic performance.

What is under the hood?

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - shifting-gears

The honors are done by a 2 litre petrol motor along with a massive 355 bhp on tap & 450 Nm of earth shattering torque mated to a refined & sporty 7 speed shift DCT. A 0-100 dash of 4.6 seconds with a top whack of 250km/hr stimulates the adrenaline rush & enthusiasm to test this beauty once out on an open stretch of road.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - team-bhp

Originally tuned for enthusiasts having that sheer racing pedigree instinct, this machine at the same time can be driven in bumper to bumper traffic with utmost ease.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - shifting-gears

The gearbox understands your intentions & delivers accordingly and one wouldn't be left complaining of a mismatch between gear shifts & engine response. The most thrilling part is to see the rev needle move up enthusiastically at the slight dab of the throttle along with the addictive exhaust note that is a merry sight to watch & record on cameras.

One has the option of choosing from or....we would say to drool over the three tickle pinked driving modes- comfort, sport and manual. The first one, primarily being for pliant cruising while the other two are meant to extract the heart stirring gallant acts from this machine..

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - motoroids

The sports mode elevates excitement levels and lets a person enjoy the mighty surge of power of this car to the fullest. The manual mode with its ever adaptable nature and lightning fast gear changes qualifies to be a perfect companion on those wishful spirited highway drives.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

The CLA 45 AMG boasts of Mercedes' 4 matic four wheel drive system primarily more of a front wheel driven car.

Keep thinking?

Ohhh! We'll help you.

The reason being it is based on A Class' MFA platform & when required additional power can be sent to the rear wheels. Body Roll movement in motion is minimal and credit goes to the stiff suspension setup in this case.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine
Only one loathing point?
You'll overlook it pretty soon!
It may not be a gifted soul with regards to the superlative suspension peculiarity of the higher AMGs, but nevertheless a firm ride to a large extent does not compromise the fun element.
Of course, the standard CLA will be a lot more comfortable vis -a vis its bigger version where undulations & road noise can tend to be a sore fly in the ointment.
But the passion & excitement when driving & being driven in a class of this car is simply unmatched.

Character Redefined

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machinesource - shifting-gears

A formidable stint with the AMG truly makes your day and we were completely spellbound and mesmerized by CLA 45 AMG's stupendous and blistering performance. The brilliant package along with the practical pricing definitely raises the X factor quotient in its favour. We view it as an out of the box launch with the intent to bring in more customers & brand patrons to check out the real engineering & engine capability of a three pointed star. The Luxury Car Maker in India has left no stone unturned to raise the ante with respect to brand recognition, world class products & dealership experience & setting benchmarks in after sales service. The real icing on the cake is that the CLA 45 AMG can be used as an everyday car & portrays a wolf in sheep's clothing idiom very well & can be a hit with the potential buyers.

Mercedes CLA 45 Amg: Maniac Machine

We for sure have no words to describe this Merc's comfort, glory, heritage and sheer build quality along with the accolades it has won worldwide and literally are in love with this brand.

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