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  1. Audi R8 Spyder Review: A spicy Inglostadt affair

Audi R8 Spyder Review: A spicy Inglostadt affair

18th July 2017
Audi R8 Spyder Review: A spicy Inglostadt affair

The Iron Man’s fancied possession will surely drive everyone crazy!!

Have you ever accustomed your ears to a high revving exhaust note? We are pretty sure that you might have because this iconic sports car catches the limelight & eyeballs in almost every neighborhood and soon becomes the talk of the town.

source - cloudfront

Young teenagers are often seen describing this car as a little monster which literally touches the road, has bright LEDs with a stellar coming forth & bears a four ringed symbol.

Opting for a vivacious go getter guessing work at the Hollywood agname's tangible certainly would leave you headscratching for a split second.........

So let us cut it short and pinpoint it for you guys........

It is none other than the Audi R8 Spyder !!!

There it comes!!!

Eye Catchy Exteriors

source - cloudfront

An alluring design language on the exterior complements the beauty of the R8!

The designers have left no stone unturned to give the "can't miss it" roofless ear splitter a muscular and an elegant low slung look that does a perfect laudable handshake in tune with the fun loving driver enthusiasts.

source - cloudfront

The front end is typically and unmistakably Audi with those gorgeous New Age swashbuckling lights and a sky scraping dosage of the modish and topical air intakes (that's the uptown tag for the choicest takers). The number plate is stacked rather sublimely on the grille transcription in chrome surrounding along with the famous Quattro insignia that has achieved a legendary status since ages.

source - cloudfront

Talking of the side profile, thoughtful processes have been executed such as the inward slanting of the lower back part of the doors to make way for the air passage and a special upward face positioning for the fuel door at the flat rear deck.

source - cloudfront

The new soft top roof is the real showstopper for the car because of its flashy impeccable finish and a light weight of 30 kilograms. Taking the support of cylinders, hinges and hooks, the roof takes 19 seconds to open & close at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

source - cloudfront

If people happen to get a glance of the R8 from the back & also when the car is really doing some serious stuff, then automatically cameras & I phones pop out to capture this beast.
Audi has incorporated the use of ostentatious turn signals in the form of sleek looking majestic light strips that lend an aura of sophistication and dynamism.


source - cloudfront

The rear spoiler adds to the subtle styling and this really shows the precision and hard work in taking things to the next level.


source - cloudfront

The oval shaped exhausts are well integrated within the bumper and we would like to credit the rectangular LED Braking lights, which in our opinion complete the whole design of the R8 and truly act as catalytic agents to propel the domineering enacting.


Tailor made setup on the inside! Is it?

source - cloudfront

The interior of this beauty is a place where all true automotive lovers would sincerely dream to be once in their lifetime for sure.

Things have been kept simple, not too fancy & showy all because the main aim & motive is to derive maximum driving pleasure from this car.


source - cloudfront

The center console in particular with its host of buttons paves the way for the "go over bit" kinda stuff .

The fine material used on the dashboard speaks quality and the dandy Nappa leather seats looks the sort for a never ending admiration and veneration.


source - cloudfront

The side bolstering on both the seats holds the passengers in firm grip during sharp cornering at high speeds.

The central screen on the dashboard displays a wide variety of information with an excellent view & resolution as an added exhibit while the elective Bang and Olufsen sound system is the favored espousal artist that creates a protracted matrimony effect.....


source - cloudfront

The real icing on the cake is the rpm needle moving zealously and vigorously on revving the engine that really takes things to cloud nine and that sense of occasion is never felt missing.


The Monstrous heart says it all

source - st.motortrend

Powering the Audi R8 Spyder V10 is a mind-blowing 5.2Litre 10 cylinder motor churning out a hair- raising figure of 532 bhp power along with 530 Nm of torque!!

Grasp that one shot.

Upon idle, the rev limiter clearly indicates the true potential performance band of this car and that is further accentuated by the aural bliss of the ebullient engine note which is a stepping stone for the never ending addiction to the ensorcell symphony in the making.

Ah! You'll be entangled in a series of rip roaring revving replays to 'keep the ball rolling' for the gleeful engagement throughout. 


source - team-bhp

One has to be extremely careful with the right foot because the R8 just plunges ahead with the word ‘Go’ or what shall we say, at the blink of an eye....... so to keep the wire pulling on the enraptured twinkling, one literally has to mellow the rapport building skills and get a thorough understanding of all controls, mechatronics and safety support systems & only then unveil the full flavored bravado implementations. (Only for starters! Come on abandon those worriments!)

source - youtube

The company claims that R8 can do a 0-100 sprint in a mere 4.1 seconds and achieve a top speed of 313 km/hr.

Now these are some serious numbers & one can only get to see it on a designated race track such as the Buddh International Circuit.

Pressing the Sport button showcases you the R8's mighty intent by which you were mooned over in one of your cherished dreams. 

source - cloudfront

A 6 speed R tronic transmission does duty on the R8 V10 & indeed it’s a pleasure to say that it is simply one of the best in the recent past which has won accolades & awards all over the world for its unmatched performance.

One really doesn’t have a reason to complain because of the silky smooth gear shifting being in perfect synchrony with the laureled rushing.

The R8’s brutal acceleration is mesmerizing and enticing, pinning you all the way back to your seat & for a moment one realizes as if he is travelling faster than time, really that is the true feeling one gets.

source - team-bhp


Drive the R8 in the city like a matured civilized machine and it obeys. Of course, the sudden bursts of power at regular intervals is akin to pure indulgence and gratification.

And you truly feel a one to one groove and rapport with this gorgeous convertible on your favourite deserted stretch of road, thanks to its precise and communicative steering feedback, along with the intent to portray its agility and swiftness when asked for more.

source - youtube

As mentioned previously the aural sound from the exhausts & engine note simply gathers attention in stop & go traffic because this vehicle has a huge fan following for the much acclaimed word ‘vroom’ amongst teenagers. Living up to the expectations of the buyer is another forte where the R8 truly excels.

It has a host of bells and whistles on offer to truly transcend one’s driving experience.

The Audi Space Frame for instance gives the car an advantage in terms of tremendous weight saving and added body control. 

Not to forget that the Magnetic dampers will have a positive putty in hands on the drive by exercising their inbuit trait of being willing and eager to adapt to the driving and tarmac setup.

Cheers to that!

Second.....ohhhh! Come on, you don't want them to be optional right?

Imagine the Audi Salesmen pitching it as the froufrou add on to perform the influential mumbo jumbo....

But still you would like them to be standard specimen....


We just mentioned them as a part of the customary protocol.....

source - audiblog

We got a chance to test the R8 in peak monsoon season and despite the tarmac being wet and slippery (think of a level 10 testing.....), never once did the car loose its foothold or show any signs of nervousness at all because of the ESP & legendary Quattro kicking in to take matters in their own hands and acting as steadfast loyalists to keep the R8 on its intended path.

source - cloudfront

The four wheel drive mechanism in the R8 has been setup with a rear axle bias due to the mid- engine layout....... 

Under normal driving conditions, 15 % of the power is sent to the front wheels and 85% to the rear wheels and if need be 30% is directed to the front almost instantly (Some mathematical grasping)........

A locking differential at the rear axle really plays a pivotal role in boosting the R8’s on road dynamic performance with regard to corner cutting, speed, precision and stability.

It also acts as a watchdog when any one of the wheels on the axle begin to slip!!!

At the end of the day, all sports cars are meant to make a mark & live up to the racy expectations.

Audi’s intention was very much clear as to what they wanted to achieve with this baby monster and have succeeded to a great extent. The performance & engagement this car offers deserves a worthy applause because the R8 is one of the few supercars that re-defines driving dynamics on Indian road conditions.

What more can one expect other than to make this car a collector’s item of the surreal garage and find a deserted dragway to shell those maniac bhp figures in an easy way out.

Make: Convertible, Sports
Engine: 5.2 V10 , Longitudinal
Power: 532 BHP
Torque: 530 Nm
0-100 timing: 4.1 sec
60-0mph braking test: 112 ft
Top Speed: 313 km/hr
Quarter Mile: 12 seconds
Transmission: 6 speed R Tronic
Fuel: Petrol
Drive: Quattro Four Wheel
Seating Capacity: 2



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