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  1. THE BOND “007” ONE


22nd December 2015

If you haven't seen the James Bond film, "Skyfall", then you may not be familiar with the masculine commodities used in the movie. Throughout the film audience were treated to the sweeping shots of the iconic Aston Martin, Land Rovers, and the beautiful Jaguar XJ.

All of them were at their best but Jaguar was seen as the eye catcher. The car was used by Judi Dench (M's Company car) and even by James Bond himself. The car is a dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power and more to it the car has a class same like of "James Bond". As a driver or a passenger you'll discover a quality of craftsmanship that sets the car part with the carefully considered choices of colors, materials and finishes.

The car is extraordinary from the front till the rear end with the classical Jaguar logo in front and the dramatically tapered taillight with 3-LED lines vertically making it look like a Cats claw, and if it's in black imagine that dark shiny look… Woooow !!

Another special feature about the car is Bowers & Wilkins 440 Watts audio system with 14 speakers and Dynamic Volume control. The car is on aluminum chassis weighing it lighter than any other of its competitor cars. It comes with a 3.0 L, V6, 275 BHP Diesel engine and more BHP in the petrol one.

The interior comprises of a fine leather work even the dash has a leather work, and the dashboard is straight unlike other cars which makes the interior look more classic and amazing. The beauty of the XJL is more than skin-deep, its aluminum construction is exceptionally strong yet light, with near perfect front-to-rear weight distribution. The advanced body structure also helps the car to achieve better fuel economy than it would with a heavier steel structure.

The luxurious comfort envelops you as soon as you enter the Jaguar with the long legroom and with the business trays. The car delivers a refreshingly dynamic driving experience. No car looks, or feels like XJL.

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