6 Advanced Technologies Giving New Dimension to the Auto Industry

Apr 04, 2018
6 Advanced Technologies Giving New Dimension to the Auto Industry

What’s trending today becomes the standard tomorrow and the same law applies to the auto industry as well. The new features and technologies that we witness in the upcoming cars will set the new standards for the future cars. Here are some of the advanced auto technologies that are making good numbers in the market and are expected to become the part of standard features in the coming future:

LED Lights

LED or Light-Emitting Diodes bulbs source-pinterest

LED or Light-Emitting Diodes bulbs use much lesser energy as compared to the halogen and xenon bulbs and hence generate a whiter and much brighter swath of light. Also their life cycle is better than the other two so the need to replace them hardly arises. And giving your car and masculine and wild look is only possible through LED lights.

360 Degree Cameras

360 Degree Camerassource -youtube

Parking sensors have now become standard for even a small affordable car, but what’s advanced is the 360 degree camera that works as a parking assistance. In fact, it is expected to be included in the standard package by the year 2019 . To make parking in most closed and tight spots easy, the carmakers are providing multiple cameras to give a 360 degree view of your car from every nook and corner so that you can have a “bird-eye” perspective.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibresource -motor1

Lightweight materials such as high-strength steel and aluminium are the new in as they help in providing more safety to the car apart from the fact that they make the car fuel efficient too . Above them is the carbon fiber that once was reserved for the supercars only is now becoming the fashion in not even luxury cars but affordable ones too. Toyota has already used this technology in its Prius Prime to give it more strength and speed.

Radar and Laser Sensors

Radar and Laser Sensorssource -Government technology

Though humans’ senses are so strong and sharp that they can easily sense the upcoming danger and act accordingly, once in awhile they might miss the chance. To make driving safer and easier than ever before, the carmakers have came up with a new concept – radar and laser sensing. Soon to become the important part of driver assists and the future’s self-driving cars, this technology is basically a pre-collision system that detects the upcoming danger and suggests the driver accordingly. This technology takes the help of the in-vehicle camera and laser to detect the chances of collision with another vehicle and alerts the driver in advance.

Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic Glasssource -wheelmonk

Like auto-dimming mirrors serve the best when driving in crowded places during night, electrochromic glass can enable you to avail this technology at just the press of a button and that too for every window and sunroof glass. Now the need to get your windows tinted or to have curtain shades no more exists. And if you combine this technology with solar-reflecting glass, it will become easier for the ACs to work effectively with the reduced glare.


Turbochargerssource -wikimedia

This technology helps in churning out outstanding performance and gigantic horsepower and when mated with hybrid powertrains, the output will be maximum efficiency . It is basically a turbine-driven forced induction device that plays a major role in increasing the power output and efficiency of the engine by thrusting extra amount of air into the combustion chamber.

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