Planning to Buy Audi A6?

Apr 05, 2018
Planning to Buy Audi A6?

Audi is one such brand that everyone wants to own. While few people give preference to comfort first, few, on the other hand, give priority to the brand value just to brag in the society. Then there exist a mob that pinpoint and consider every single detail before buying a car, whereas some don't care for such things and just make the payment and take the keys. Well, if you ask for experts' opinion, we will suggest that before buying a car, it is always better to check and consider some points.

The car in talks is none other than our very favorite Audi A6. So let's find out if buying A6 is a good deal for such a heavy amount:

Points to be considered before buying -

Set a Focus –

Whenever you plan to buy a car, you should set your vision first about what do you need in a car? Audi A6 has many luxurious and comfortable features but sometimes, some of the features are of no use. They are there just to make it look GRANDEUR.

And sometimes, car manufacturers offer some additional features by adding a premium price. You can always deny opting for them if you do not need them. In that case, you will be able to save a good amount of money.

Test Drive –

Test Drive Source:

Whenever you buy a car, not necessary Audi brand, make sure you are taking a test drive before making the final payment. A test drive will help in understanding the car, its features, performance, mileage, etc. in a better way and will also help in revealing the glitches of the car or that particular model, if any.

Audi A6 turns out to be best in driving. With its rapid acceleration, manual transmission, the drive becomes as smooth as a cakewalk.

Compare Prices –

We all are aware that a car model has many variants depending upon the technology used, fuel type supported and other features available. The more the features and facilities available at your end the more will be the price as compared to the base model. So, before finalizing the model and the variant, you need to analyze your requirements and the allocated budget.

Also, the prices vary from area to area, so if your nearby city is offering the same model at lesser price, you can always go for the better option.

Hence, comparing prices is always a good idea before making the purchase.

Why should you buy Audi A6?

New Base Engine –

New Base Engine Source:

Audi A6 has got a new base engine of 2.0-liter, which is turbocharged and has 4 cylinders. It gives out a total output of 252 horsepower. The torque is of 273 pound-feet. Despite its small engine, it gives the total mileage of 33Kmpl on highways. A6 can go from 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

Trendy style –

Audi A6 has got a stylish body. With its sloping bumper and an attractive grille in the front, it looks nothing but a mesmerizing beauty. Interior has been designed very beautifully. The set of 20-inch wheels works as a cheery on the cake. Overall, it has got some gorgeous looks.

Safe in terms of travelling –

It gives you maximum safety while driving. Even if, unfortunately, you collide with something, all the passengers in the vehicle will remain safe, thanks to the availability of the side and frontal airbags. It has got a feature which notifies you, whenever any vehicle comes much closer. And other than that, there are many safety features available while you can even opt for some additional.

How to finance Audi A6?

We all very well know that the prices of premium cars are high as the sky. Audi is one of those brands whose prices are sky high and thus is out of the reach of some people. However, as it is said, where there is a will, there's a way, seeing an Audi A6 standing in your courtyard is not a dream anymore.

Vehicle loans are now easily available in the market, even if you are planning to buy a second hand A6. Financial services are available at the authorized dealers as well with easy EMI options.

Also, do not forget to get your vehicle insured, as it is very necessary. Having an insurance will save you from paying those heavy costs incurred, in case there is a severe damage to the vehicle due to an accident.

How to maintain Audi A6?

How to maintain Audi A6 Source:

Maintaining a car is as necessary as maintaining your house or maintaining yourself. And when you are paying a high amount to buy an Audi, you will obviously keep it safe and tidy.

  • Change oil regularly
  • Check the coolant level
  • Check if the pressure in tyres is accurate
  • Check the air filter and fuel filter regularly to avoid any damage to the engine
  • Get it serviced time to time from an authorized service center
  • Do not rash drive
  • And, last but not the least, drive safely

Audi is a name synonym for performance, class, luxury and safety and owing one is giving yourself the utmost respect and pleasure!

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