BMW – Helping You Realize your Dreams

Apr 04, 2018
BMW – Helping You Realize your Dreams

Undoubtedly BMW is one of the most involving luxury sports car makers. It is a dream for many to own a BMW and one deterring factor that keeps many people away from the brand is comparatively higher entry costs. While many intelligent buyers go via the pre-owned route to offset this hurdle, some people are not comfortable going the pre-owned route and there are instances where a particular model you have set in your mind is not available in the pre-owned market.

Under circumstances like this, there are few other ways to fulfill your dream than an outright purchase. Some of these options are like leasing, financing your purchase, etc. While there are many banks (private and public) offering different financing options, BMW has an in-house financing division that offers one of the most flexible financing plans out there.

BMW Financial service, BMW Leasing Plan and BMW-360 offers some of the best comprehensive and easy to access packages to own a BMW.

BMW Financial Services

BMW Financial Services offers many benefits over traditional banking institutions like tailor-made financial options that suits the specific needs of the individual, one of the quickest approval times, part payment facilities, dedicated in-house call center, etc., clubbed with special loyalty benefits. BMW Financial Services offers not one or two, but 8 different financing options.

BMW Standard Plan

This is akin to the regular finance plans by other financial institutions. Under this plan, you can select a down payment and finance the rest of your purchase and can repay the finance part through regular EMIs.

BMW Bullet plan

This plan is ideal if you envisage that you can pay a lump-sum amount at certain points during the tenure of the loan, like during every year end. These specified higher amounts you pay during the fixed intervals will help you lower your EMI spread over the tenure.

BMW Balloon Plan

 BMW Balloon Plan Source:

If you are planning to sell your car by the end of the finance plan tenure, or if you are expecting a large sum to come by in next few years, this plan is for you. You can reduce the EMIs by opting to make a lump-sum plan at the end of loan tenure.


This is a plan aimed at the non-residential Indians who want to buy a BMW model but are not in India. BMW has special schemes that will let them own a BMW while you are living abroad.

BMW Step Up Plan

If you are expecting your income to grow significantly as the time goes by, this plan is good for you. In this plan, you can start with a low EMI and the EMI will grow in fixed steps so that you can pay more when you earn more.

BMW Step Down Plan

This is for those who want to lessen the EMIs as the time goes by. This plan will start with a higher EMI and will keep on decreasing the EMI in steps with time.

BMW Individual Plan

 BMW Individual Plan Source:

This plan offers the ultimate luxury of tailoring the EMIs as per your request (higher now, lower by year end and higher by next year again, or any other combination from the approved framework). This plan offers great flexibility for the buyer to choose and decide when to pay maximum and when to pay minimum amount.

BMW Repayment Track Plan

Usually, it is very difficult to get decent financial deals for self-employed people, but not when BMW Financial Services is there to help. This plan is specially tailor-made for self-employed people who have a good history of loan repayment track record and this comes with minimal paperwork and hassles.

BMW Leasing

BMW Financial Services offer BMW Leasing plan, which will help you to fulfill your dream with least capital investment. The leasing products are available to individual as well as corporate customers as the features offered by this plan are aimed to make the total cost of ownership lesser.

You can lease your dream BMW by agreeing to pay a fixed amount of lease rental for a fixed period of time and you have the freedom to purchase, refinance or return the car at the end of the lease term.

Lease plan entitles you to avail lot of tax benefits and you can customize the lease plan to suit your needs. You have the option to include insurance and maintenance packages as a part of the lease plan, thereby gaining peace of mind from repair and service bills.

One main attraction of lease plan is the option to pay no down payment – and you always have the option to pre-close the lease, if the need arises.

BMW offers two kind of lease options – BMW Operating Lease (where the total cash outflow is budgeted) and BMW Finance Lease. You have the flexibility to pre-close the lease and to upgrade to a new BMW model at the end of the lease, in both plans.

BMW 3600

 BMW-360 Source:

BMW 360o is a bouquet plan from BMW where you get multiple benefits like lesser EMI, assured buy back value, zero maintenance, etc.

You can choose to pay as low as just 5% (subject to change) of the value of the car as down payment and can finance your car at an incredible 5.99% rate of interest (subject to change). BMW offers assured buyback plan and this plan comes bundled with complimentary maintenance packages. At the end of the tenure, you have the choice to keep, refinance, trade in or return the car.

You can tailor the contract term, annual kilometer allowance and repayment options to make sure that you can own the BMW at the most comfortable terms to you. The program makes the ownership of BMW an affordable choice and offers peace of mind from service and repair bills by offering complimentary maintenance packages.

You do not have to worry about the depreciation or resale value since this program comes with assured buy back value, which is decided at the start of the term – and what more, you can trade in your car and if the trade in value is more than the assured buy back value, the difference can be used for financing the purchase of your new BMW.

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