Do you LOVE your Lambo?

Apr 05, 2018
Do you LOVE your Lambo?

After buying your dream car, you surely do not hold yourself back when it comes to taking care of it on a regular basis. But you really need not worry about it as this basic guide to take care of your Lamborghini will make your task a lot easier and get that headache off you once and for all. So let's get to it and check out the tips for the best basic care of your Lamborghini.

1. Always Make Basic Checks Before Heading Out:

The most basic thing that is common to most cars is the checkup before heading out. And it is nothing fancy, just make sure that:

  • The brakes are working
  • The headlights are working
  • The indicators are fine and;
  • The tyres and their pressure as a whole are fine.

If these things are well, then there is nothing much you need to do other than get the regular oiling and stuff done.

2. Visit A Trusted Garage And Get It Checked Once A Month:

Visit A Trusted Garage Source:

It is always suggested to take your Lambo to the company's authorized garage for a regular checkup because only the parents know what their child need the most and in how much quantity. However, for small things, like checking the tyre pressure, oiling or coolant filling, you can take your Lamborghini to a trusted independent garage, once in a while.

Well this will also save few bucks of yours as the authorized service center will charge a handsome amount for even a small checkup. But do not make it a habit of taking your sexy beast to an independent service center just to save your money, as this in long run might cost you heavily.

3. Experts Do Speak Sense:

When you take your Lamborghini to the company's shop, they might suggest you for some changes in the car under the hood. Do not always IGNORE it to save your penny. However, taking a second opinion from a trusted service center also sounds sense as this will help in saving your hard earned money. Remember NEVER skip out on the consumables like tyres and all, however other small niggles can be taken care later.

4. Do Not Ignore The Consumables:

Dedicated Garage Space Source:

Yes, never ever do that. If they say to change the tyres, get it done ASAP and they sure have a very good reason for that. The same applies for others as well like the coolant, engine oil, etc. Being a super sports car, it runs under a lot of stress; hence when it comes to such small yet major changes, always follow the service schedule properly. However, if you are a car expert and can change oil or fill coolant on your own, then DIY, instead of taking it to the authorized service center.

5. Have A Dedicated Garage Space:

Parking a Lamborghini in an open garage or a public parking structure for prolonged periods is a bad idea. There are a lot of chances that the car might get damaged in one way or the other and in case that happens, the repair costs are no less. This is the reason why it is always better to have one's own covered parking garage when you buy a Lamborghini.

So these are some small simple tips that will help you with the basic care of your Lamborghini. We understand that there is a very special bond between the car and its owner and for that very reason we wanted to just make everything easy for you so that you can concentrate more on enjoying your ride and not worry about the car.

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