Own a Luxury Car? Heres How to Love It

Apr 04, 2018
Own a Luxury Car? Heres How to Love It

Buying a luxury car is not an easy affair but taking care of it and giving it the needed love involves more effort than buying a premium car model. Few of the car drivers are so careless that their vehicle starts looking years old even when they had bought it few months ago.

Either you have purchased a brand new model or a pre-owned exotic beauty, it will demand your attention else it might fall heavy on your pockets. We know keeping a car maintained is a tough job, especially for all those people who are very much busy in their professional lives but few regular checks of essential car parts and accessories will reduce down your load to a certain extent.

Here are few points to consider that might help you in keeping your luxury car well maintained and safe:

Keeping wiper clean –

Travelling has become a hassle nowadays, especially if you are in a metropolitan city that is all surrounded by dust and polluting particles. These small particles get settle down around the wipers of the windscreen, which can cause some scratches on your windscreen. Also the dust particles may affect the proper functioning of the wipers, which will cause a loss in the visibility while driving. So make sure you clean your windscreen and wipers time to time and that too with a soft piece of cloth.

Check car before using for long distances –

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If you are planning a vacation through a road trip, it is very essential to get your car serviced on time. People generally check the petrol before going on a long vacation but it is not the only thing that might cause trouble during the journey. It is also necessary to check the tyre pressure, engine oil, coolant, accelerator, carburetor, motor and every necessary thing that might cause a problem.

Never skip scheduled servicing –

In case you have purchased a brand new car, the company might have provided few free services to you but if you have invested your money on a pre-owned luxury car, never ever skip any servicing date at the authorized service center of the car brand. A regular service will keep the essential parts of the car functioning and will not cause trouble to you in long run.

Rebalancing of wheels –

Rebalancing or realignment of wheels is also very important for the proper functioning of the car. If you find your car’s steering wheel vibrating, then it is the time to get it checked at a trusted or authorized service center. Sometimes the unbalanced wheels can lead to major accidents or excessive damage on the car’s body, so it is better to avoid any such unwelcomed incidents by taking step on time.

Check Tyre Pressure

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Tyre failures/punctures can cause blowouts and severe accidents if not paid attention timely. While buying a car, it is important for you to check the quality and pressure of the tyre. Filling more than required air or keeping less quantity of air pressure in the tyres, both are risky conditions, so better to avoid them. Make sure to get your tyre’s pressure checked when you are at fuel station, as this is the best method to keep a regular check of the tyre.

Also if the air pressure in your tyre(s) is less, it is better to avoid long driving as this may cause a permanent damage to the tyre.

Engine Oil Level –

Almost all the cars come with a feature that whenever the engine oil runs short, an “oil can” icon will start appearing on the display screen of the dashboard. This is an indication that your engine needs its food to function properly. Less amount of engine oil will start affecting the amount of coolant too, which means it will start using the coolant frequently to cool down the engine, which in turn will result in the frequent depletion of the coolant.

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