5 Bad Habits All Car Drivers Should Avoid

Apr 04, 2018
5 Bad Habits All Car Drivers Should Avoid

You know how important regular maintenance of your car is to keep it new and shiny for long? Well, apart from that what we basically ignore are the habits that we have, which may cause harm to your vehicle in the slow run. We will list out such habits that are bad for your car. How many of these are you guilty of?

1. Driving with a low fuel tank:

Driving with a low fuel tanksource - Google

We know how much it hurts every time you have to go to the fuel station to get your tank full and shell out a lot of money. But guess what? Running your tank with a quarter or lesser quantity of fuel in the tank can cause your car more harm than you can imagine. Fuel in the tank helps in keeping the fuel pump cool. So, if you’re sad about shelling out money at the fuel station, think again because it’s not as bad as needing a new fuel pump.

Sudden shift from Reverse to drive? Big NO:

We are all guilty of suddenly shifting our vehicles from reverse to drive mode just to save a few minutes. Now, this might not sound like a bad idea in the short term but from a long term perspective, when you make such sudden shifts you might be causing damage to your vehicle’s axle.

3. The Gearstick isn’t your hand rest:

hand rests on the Gearsource - google

For most people, it comes almost naturally- having one hand on the steering wheel while the other hand rests on the Gear. Well, guess what? You’re not realizing it but this can lead to premature wear. What we’d suggest is you should keep both your hands on the steering wheel.

4. Overloading your car with weight:

Overloading your carsource - google

Many people have the habit of turning their cars into second homes. They stuff the back seats with lots of JUNK, which might not even be required. The point that we are trying to make here is take royal care of your car and don’t overburden it with weight. This will help the vehicle to consume less fuel, and more importantly, it will in a good condition for a long term.

5. Ignoring signs:

You’re driving down in your car and it starts making occasional squeaking sounds. What do you do? Ignore the sound and move on? NO. You must always listen to your car for any such signs and signals because what you should understand is that those are not just passing noises but your vehicle is trying to tell you something. So. LISTEN.

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