How to Take Royal Care of Your Loyal Supercar

Apr 04, 2018
How to Take Royal Care of Your Loyal Supercar

After dreaming for years, finally, the day has come when you have bought yourself a luxury car. It will be few months before you get comfortable showing off your cool wheels to the world, taking precautions of all sorts to keep your car spotless. But as time passes and life takes over, our most beloved possessions get exposed to neglect and wear-and-tear.

We know, most of the petrolheads would love to change this notion by taking royal care of their cars, but they are just not able to find the right ways to do that. Worry, not fellow gasoline lovers, in this post we will discover hacks to ignite your car love again and find out ways to pamper your prized possession.

# DIY Cleaning and Detailing (Charity begins at home!)

If you really dig your wheels, you ought to take matters into your own hands. Even if you lack time for doing so, the real pleasure of owning a supercar cannot be thoroughly enjoyed without getting your hands dirty.

DIY Cleaning and Detailing Royal Supercar

No matter how suave and progressive things become, doing things with your own bare hands is still priceless and separates the men from the boys. Take a Sunday off, park your beemer in the garden, turn on the music, fire the BBQ, crack open a cold one and just get to it.

DIY Cleaning and Detailing Royal Supercar

Check the interiors and exteriors to evaluate each place that needs some loving. Blow the dirt out using an air compressor, scrub clean the interiors, clean the AC ducts, wash the car with your hands using trusted car solution, water, and sponge, & clean tyres with anti-acid solutions. Dry clean the exteriors to avoid the water marks left after the wash. Use polish, wax and glass cleaners to wrap your baby in a loving embrace.

#Order a Car Spa Appointment

All beauties need upkeep be that The Taj Mahal or your swanky supercar. Even though your car gets cleaned by your driver or maybe you will wash it once every year yourself, it really needs much more than the usual routine. Most of the car spas have 10-12 step process which lasts for 4-6 hours and provides much-needed pampering your car requires.

Order a Car Spa Appointment

After the spa, it will be ready for a photo shoot and hit the tarmac with élan. These car spas use products from trusted brands like Meguiars, 3M et al to ensure the superb feel. It is high time you order one for your wheels!


Most luxury car owners get their cars washed and cleaned by their drivers or by some guy in their locality. It’s important to train this staff on how to take care of your car properly and provide them with the right tools and products.

Using the right product from trusted brands is very important. Car care products like Microfiber wash mitt, Water Magnet Drying Towel, ScratchX, Wax, Polish, Detailer, Leather Foam, Vinyl Cleaner, Conditioner, Detailer Wipe, & Odor Eliminator are available for pimping up your car. Don’t be the average joe when it comes to your car, step up and take control!

#Get the Best PROTECTION

Even if you own a Hummer, getting more protection is never out of fashion. What kind of protection is available and which ones you should opt for? Most car enthusiasts will suggest that you should at least go for the following:

  • 3M underbody Anti Rust treatment. It is very useful for people living in high humidity areas and for folks who like offroading! Make sure that it’s done properly.
  • Accessorize your car with safety enhancing add-ons like Mudflaps, Front, and Back Grill Bars (these look better on SUVs!), Car Door Scratch Guards, Sunshades, Side Beadings, Bumper Guards, Windshield Sunshade, and Car Body Cover.
  • Essentials like Floor Mat, Seat, and Steering Covers, GPS also add a protective and jazzy layer to the cabin of the car.
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