How to Make your Car Theft-proof

Apr 04, 2018
How to Make your Car Theft-proof

You always want to protect the ones you love and care about, against any danger. And, when we talk about your most loved luxury cars, you surely don't want to take any chances, do you?

They say "Prevention is better than cure" we say once you lose your luxury car, there is no cure other than spending an awful amount of money again and getting a new or pre-owned car. But we want to make sure that does not happen.

So, let's take you through a list of things you can and must do to avoid car thefts:

A little knowledge can go a long way in ensuring that your vehicle remains just YOURS. With thieves finding more creative ways of stealing cars such as the new "pinch and park" trick wherein the thieves steal the car and then park it somewhere safe, in case the police have access to the GPS data.

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Many people assume that just because they have an alarm and an immobilizer, their vehicle is secured against theft. Well, we are sorry to say but this is not true. There have been many cases of car thefts despite these systems being in place.

  • Installing Car Alarm – To prevent car from getting stolen, it is a good idea to install an alarm in your vehicle. An alarm that makes a loud noise when a car's door, bonnet or boot is opened with a duplicate key would make the thief nervous and might even scare him away. Enabling other systems like keeping the tracking device on or disabling ignition is also helpful.
  • Check and double Check: As one locks or unlocks their car, there's usually a "clicking" sound that you hear. Many cars also have a visual sign that flashes on the screen in the form of indicator. So, listen and watch closely and if the sound suddenly stops coming, then it may be a hint that your car's locks are not working properly and it is in danger.
  • Parking at the Right place: Checking for the locks is not the only thing you can do, there are other things too, that make sure the love of your life is not stolen. For instance, leaving your car parked in some abandoned area is like inviting the danger at your doorstep. When parking in a driveway, try that it's parked close to either your house or some other building close by.
  • Not leaving your valuables: Not leaving your belongings in the car, whenever you park your car is a must do, always. Although, this might seem obvious, it has been seen that it is pretty common. Not just the valuables, even stuff like bags, purses, coats shouldn't be left. If you can't take the valuables, make sure you hide them somewhere that the eye cannot catch. Also, never leave the parking slip or car papers inside the car.
existing security systems in car Source:car-with-headlights
  • Making use of existing security systems: Your luxury car from the house of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, etc. might have security features that you may be totally unaware about. For instance, most modern cars have a technology that will automatically lock your vehicle once you go out. But were you aware of it? We guess not. There might be other similar features that are there but you have not yet enabled them because you just don't know about them. Getting a grasp of your car features is thus very important.

Another good idea is to drop your business cards or any sort of ID proofs in and around the vehicle. Usually after a car theft, the thief usually alters the car entirely. So, such ID proofs could be missed by the thief, thereby helping the police identifying your car.

Even though, once a thief sets his eye on your car, he tries his level best to get it regardless of the locks or any other security system in place. But still, with the information above you can prevent your car from being an easy target. So, as they say, in order to guard anything precious, you need to be proactive, especially when you're leaving your luxury car unattended for long duration of hours!

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