How to do Proper Maintenance of Your Lamborghini?

Jan 01, 1970
How to do Proper Maintenance of Your Lamborghini?

Buying a Lamborghini is a dream for many and a reality for some. But for all those who are planning to give wings to their dreams, it does come with a hefty price tag. For this reason it is important to make sure to maintain your Lamborghini really well. Here are a few tips that can help you to take care of your lady love (Lamborghini in this case) without making a hole in your pocket:

1. Get The Consumables Replaced In Time:

For a high performance car like Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador, the consumables in the car like the engine oil, coolant and many more run out pretty fast because they all work under a lot of pressure. For this reason the change period is comparatively shorter than other luxury cars and many people actually skip that thinking them to lasts for long because they are under the impression that these parts too last as much as for the regular cars and hence end up damaging the machine.

This also includes the tyres. The tyres used on the cars are Pirelli units which are the best in terms of performance but they do not last much in terms of life. So it is very necessary to get them changed periodically as old tyres lose their grip on the road and can lead to a severe accident.

2. Explore A Trusted Garage Outside:


Small things such as a general checkup and oil change, etc. don't need to be taken care at the authorized service center as these small changes can cost you a lot. For such things you can also visit to a nearby trusted service center. However, it is always recommended to get your Lamborghini serviced on the due date so that the petty things don't end up causing major issues in the car.

3. In Case Of A New Car Follow The Specified Service Manual:

In case you have bought a new car, you need to follow the manual of the car absolutely to the end. It means taking care of the engine and following the service manual properly without missing even a single service for the first year or so. Later on, you can skip on the services at the company shop and get them done at an independent garage.

4. Get The Car Checked Independently Before Taking It To The Shop:

Sometimes the service advisors at the company shop suggests you to change few parts of your car to make a few extra bucks, and in case of Lamborghini these few bucks will be in 4 to 5 figures unit. So it is advisable to take an expert advice before visiting the authorized service center so as to get the clear picture of the damaged and undamaged parts.

5. Do Not Drive Recklessly:

Lamborghini-in-race Source:

We know that Lamborghini cars come with V10 and V12 configurations and they do have a lot of power and grunt in them, but that also make them as much dangerous on the road if not driven sanely. It will also be a costly affair from the maintenance point of view. If you drive the car rashly, it is going to affect the tyres a lot because those are public roads and not a race track.

So these are some tips that you can follow to maintain your Lamborghini well and avoid shelling out extra money for the service of your Lamborghini. Always remember that you don't own a Lamborghini, you have to earn it and if you are a proud owner of one then it's your duty to maintain its performance and speed without hampering its image.

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