Audi TT - A Coupe that embodies Dynamism

Jan 01, 1970
Audi TT - A Coupe that embodies Dynamism

Are you planning to buy Audi TT? Here are some points to consider before spending Rs. 64 Lac.

Why Audi TT?

Although, there are so many sports cars available in the market, when something comes from Audi, you already know that IT IS BEST. Now if you are a sports cars lover, then you should definitely consider Audi TT in your list. With an affordable price, beautiful structure and luxurious interior, it is one of the most amazing cars one could own.

It offers commendable handling and a distinctive style. With its comfortable ride and high style, it is appropriate for long distance travel at high speed.

There are few points you should know about this model. You must be wondering, why this model? So below you will find every good reason to buy this sports car:

Safe to drive –

It has got tons of safety features which will keep driver and passenger safe and fine. A blend of aluminum and steel provides rigidity to a proper stability. Availability of first aid kit and full-size airbags makes it worth to spend money on. With various more features, you can surely bet on this model.

It offers commendable handling and a distinctive style. Comfortable ride, high style, it is comfortable long distance travel at high speeds.

  • Eye catching structure -

    Audi TT has got an eye-catching structure. Its radiator grille and headlight cluster give it a trendy look. Door and handles are body colored and coordinate the vehicle while making it classy. Once you put an eye on it, it becomes hard to keep your sight off this mesmerizing beauty.

  • Luxurious Interiors –

    Audi-TT-interior Source:

    From an attractive color scheme to advance features, this vehicle comes with luxury. You get every new and advanced feature along with this. Automatic air conditioner, electrical seat and window adjustment, large glove box compartment, stylish driver information panel, leather upholstery seats etc. all these features makes Audi TT a luxury and gives it a trendy look.

  • Outstanding Performance –

    Its amazing and powerful engine gives you a speed of approx 243kmph while it takes the car from 0 to 100kmph in just 5.6 seconds. It has a motor of 2.0-liter that has a total capacity of 1984cc. The engine churns out a total mileage of 17kmpl to 18kmpl at highways and 10kmpl to 11kmpl at the city roads.

Care and Maintenance

Audi-Service-Center Source:

Following the frequent schedules of maintenance, is the only way of keeping your Audi well and update. If you want your Audi to perform like an Audi then you have to get it serviced at time intervals. It is also the best way to keep your investment worth. Your authorized Audi dealer is there at your service anytime and you can rely on him for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Financing your Vehicle

If you are planning to buy an Audi TT, there are ways in which you can be the owner if you do not have appropriate cash. You can fix easy installment by taking a loan from the bank or directly from the car vendor. Else you can buy a used car at low price.

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