How to Plan a Vacation in your Car?

Apr 04, 2018
How to Plan a Vacation in your Car?

India as a country is transforming itself rapidly. And as a number of people with disposable incomes rise, they take to travelling seriously. And vacationing in your own car with your friends or family has now become quite popular. The youth of today is more adventurous and like to travel on their own to absorb all the fun without being bounded by others in a planned trip. However, we would like to remind that if this undertaking is taken without proper planning it could prove to be a spoiler.

The planning process should be exhaustive and well thought out, but should have enough flexibility to afford you to view a new place or eat at a new joint that was not on your plan itinerary.

Where to Go? For How Long?

This is the most important question you have to ask yourself before you even begin to plan. If you are travelling with your friends, then you can look for more adventurous routes that other people seldom travel on. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday away from the highly commercialized tourist circuits whose charm has dipped lately. Virgin territories are also a lot cheaper than the well-known ones.

However, if you are travelling with your family, then it is wise to travel on through famous tourist destinations so that you can have all the modern facilities that will make the experience both comfortable as well as safe.

Do a complete checkup of your vehicle

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As you will be travelling in your car, it is but necessary that you do a thorough checkup of the vehicle from an authorized service centre. This will ensure that your travel plan is not marred by a broken down car in the middle of nowhere. You should fill your fuel tank and take a note of all the tools that might come handy if your car breaks down and no mechanic is available nearby.

Planning the route

Take your time and do some research on the road you wish to take. Mark all the relevant tourist attractions on that route along with rest stations, gas stations, hospitals, mechanic stores and even police stations so that you can get help in an emergency. Also take a first aid kit that may come in any kind of medical emergency and travel as lightly as possible because more weight will increase your fuel cost significantly. Most importantly, keep sufficient cash with you all the time for any untoward expense for which you have not planned earlier.

Keeping all entertained and well fed

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For a long journey, it is important that you pack a big hamper so that you don’t have to worry about the food and also take a large collection of music tracks to keep the travelling party high on spirit.

Depending upon the number of passengers travelling, the size of the car should be selected. If you are travelling in a group of 3 to 4 people, then a high-performance sedan will serve the purpose but in case you have kids or more number of travelers along with you it is better to opt for an SUV.

If you take care of these points, your journey would be worth remembering for all the right reasons.

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