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  1. Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck

Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck

31st August 2016
Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck

We all are fantasized by the mesmerizing beauties roaming around us on four wheels. Aren't we? Well, there is no denying the fact that this private mode of transportation was designed and created to make travelling easy for us and undoubtedly it has served its purpose very well. The passion for cars, especially luxury cars, has increased to such an extent that now owning a car has become more than just a need.

The world of cars is so huge that it might take you a complete life to dig out all the facts and information that you can learn about cars. Not all information stored in a human mind can find its place in an encyclopaedia or Wikipedia to be precise.

It's all about your love for cars and your craving for knowledge. By facts don't get confused with guidance on how to change your car's oil filter or why diesel cars are more preferable than hybrid or petrol motors? If that's on your mind, then sorry this article isn't for you!

You might need an expert's advice to select which car to buy because of the limited knowledge about the configuration of cars, but there exist some facts about them that many of the experts are unaware of. Let's take a small trip to this hideous section of the car's world that is as interesting as the Harry Potter series:

Horse-Carts-of-Old-time Source:

Green Alternative to Horses: Yes, during the early 20th century, cars were expected to be the "GREEN" alternative of transportation. At that time, horse carts were in fashion but the horses were causing excessive pollution with their excreta. A bit stinky must say!

The Sturdier Ford GT: Facts state that Ford GT actually broke the crushing machine that is used in the safety test for "roof crush". Well, hats off to the toughness it was born with!

Dirty Car? It's an Offense: Don't get shocked. It's a criminal offense in Russia if you are driving a dirty car. So off-roaders make sure to carry gallons of water if you are planning an adventurous trip around the country.

Olds-Royce Rocking the Roads: It's a surprising fact that nearly 75% of the Rolls-Royce cars ever produced are still alive and ruling the roost like an old wine. The company came into existence more than 100 years back, that is, in 1906. Guess the age now!

The Sun and the Moon: Though a complete theory, experts have calculated that if you travel with a speed of 60Mph in your car, it would take less than 6 months to reach on the surface of moon and 150 years to the Sun. So do you have any plans in mind? Do share with us!

Midnight-Rider-Limousine Source:

The Heaviest Limousine: Midnight Rider, built from 1997 to 2004, is the biggest and heaviest limousine ever came into existence with a total weight of 25 ton (50,560lb) and length of 70 foot. This limo can accommodate up to 40 passengers, has a separate bar and 3 lounges.

Ferrari Ferrari Everywhere: Well, you will be shocked to know that the most expensive cars sold in the world in auctions are mostly from the house of this Italian motoring giant, Ferrari. This is also a fact that Ferrari makes nearly 14 cars every day!

Hong Kong – The City of Kings: You all know that Rolls-Royce selects its owner and according to this fact the density of Rolls-Royce cars in a particular city or area should be limited but you will be amazed to know that Hong Kong is the city with maximum number of Rolls-Royce per capita.

There are many such more interesting facts about cars that might leave you stunned! Till the time you read these facts, we'll try to gather such more fascinating information about this majestic world and bring them in light!



Facts about Cars

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I loved all these facts, they were awesome. If I lived in Russia, I would always be in trouble, because my car is never clean haha. I also wrote a similar post about crazy facts about cars if you want to hear some more. You can check the post out here:


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